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 Arup  Neogi
 Contact Information
Arup Neogi
Contact address   University of North Texas/ Department of Physics, 1155 Union Circle # 311427, Denton, Texas 76203     Office LocationPhysics Building, Room No.: 304 
Email  arup@unt.edu    Contact Number (940) 369-8437   
Graduate Faculty Membership Status: Full Membership-Permanent   
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 Degree Major/Thesis/Dissertation Institution Year
Doctor of Engineering Electrical & Information Engineering/Ultrafast All-Optical Modulation and Nonlinear Frequency Generation of near-Infrared light by Intersubband transitions in Semiconductor Quantum Wells Yamagata University, Yamagata, Japan 1999
Doctor of Philosophy Physics/ Nonlinear Effects in Semiconductor Plasmas Vikram University, Ujjain, M.P., India 1992
Master of Science Applied Physics Government Engineering College, R.D. University, India 1988
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SemesterSubjectCourse NumberSectionCourse NameCalculated Semester Credit HoursSyllabus 
Fall 2015PHYS1410202General Physics I  
Fall 2015PHYS1410201General Physics I  
Fall 2015PHYS1410002General Physics I  
Fall 2015PHYS1410001General Physics I  
Spring 2015PHYS1410205General Physics I  
Spring 2015PHYS1410002General Physics I Download Syllabus
Fall 2014PHYS1410202General Physics I  
Fall 2014PHYS1410201General Physics I  
Fall 2014PHYS1410002General Physics I Download Syllabus
Fall 2014PHYS1410001General Physics I Download Syllabus
Fall 2013PHYS1410202General Physics I  
Fall 2013PHYS1410002General Physics I Download Syllabus
Spring 2013PHYS1410205General Physics I  
Spring 2013PHYS1410002General Physics I Download Syllabus
Fall 2012PHYS1410202General Physics I  
Fall 2012PHYS6800001Solid State Physics Download Syllabus
Spring 2012PHYS1420005General Physics II  
Spring 2012PHYS1420205General Physics II Download Syllabus
Spring 2011PHYS1420005General Physics II  
Spring 2011PHYS1420205General Physics II  
Spring 2010PHYS1420005General Physics II279 
Spring 2010PHYS1420205General Physics II0 
Fall 2011PHYS4210201Electricity and Magnetism  
Fall 2011PHYS4210001Electricity and Magnetism  
Fall 2010PHYS6800001Selected Topics in Solid State Physics30 
Fall 2009PHYS1410201General Physics I0 
Fall 2009PHYS1410001General Physics I375 
toggle toggle  Research and Expertise
III-V Semiconductor Heterostructures
Intersubband QW optical devices
Layered organic-inorganic perovskites
Member of the Center for Advanced Research and Technology at UNT’s Department of Material Science
-Nanoscale (sub-wavelength) device fabrication using focused ion-beam lithography, -Material characterization using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscope
Member of the Raman Spectroscopy Center at UNT with Department of Chemistry at UNT
-UV-Visible Raman Spectroscopy of Hybrid Semiconductor material for photonic application Initiated a Biophotonics research in collaboration with Michigan Molecular Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University and Department of Biology at UNT
- DNA based nanophotonic sensors using GaN based quantum dots and photonic bandgap structures. Active research collaboration with Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories on GaN based light emitters and intersubband devices.
Nitride Optoelectronics
NSF-Major Research Instrumentation Project – Establishment of Nanophotonics Laboratory -07
Plasmonic Nanomaterials
Quantum Dots
Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy
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Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)RankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2008-PresentProfessorDepartment of Physics University of North Texas
2008-PresentAffiliate FacultyDepartment of Material Science & Engineering University of North Texas
2008-PresentVisiting ProfessorFaculty of Medicine Shimane University, Japan
2008-PresentPresidentUS-Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences Association Washington DC.
2002-2008Associate Professor  University of North Texas Denton, Texas, USA
2000-2002National Research Council Senior Research Fellow  Duke University/ US Army Research Laboratory, Durham, USA
1997-2000Industrial Technology Researcher  Femtosecond Technology Research Association Tsukuba, Japan
1994-1996Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences Visiting Scientist  Yamagata University
1992-1993Postdoctoral Researcher  D.A. University/Calcutta University, India
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  YearPublication  Type
“All-Optical Modulation and Switching Devices”
A. Neogi
Advanced Optics Series Ed P. Bhattacharya
Book chapters
“Self-assembled guaninosine based UV photodiode based on GaN substrates”
J. Li, H. Liddar, P. B. Neogi, A. Neogi, A. Sarkar, S. Cho, H. Morkoc
Appl. Phys. Lett.- July 2007
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
Magnetomechanical Control of Thermoresponsive Hydrogels
S. Ghosh1, T. Cai, Z. Hu and A. Neogi
Advanced Materials, September 2007
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
“Carbon-based nanocrystal formation using low energy carbon ion implantation into silica,”
L.J. Mitchell, O.W. Holland, A. Neogi, F. Naab, L. C. Phinney, T.H. Lee, M. Kim, F.D. McDaniel
Nanotechnology, August 2007
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
“Effects of Residual Gas Exposure on the Field Emission Properties of ZnO Nanorods”
Y. Mo, A. Neogi and J.M. Perez, Y. Fujita
J. Appl. Phys, August 2007
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
toggle toggle Lectures/Symposia
2009Enhancement of light emission from lower dimensional semiconductors using metallic nanostructuresInvited LectureGlobal COE Meeting, Kyoto University
2008Hydrogels for Biomedical ApplicationsInvited LectureSchool of Medicine, Shimane University, Japan
2008Surface Plasmon based Nanoscale light emittersInvited LectureUniversity of Aviero, Portugal
2008Nanoscale Light Emitters and Hybrid Materials for OptoelectronicsInvited LectureIEEE-LEOS, Metrocon Conference, Arlington
2008Modification of Nanoscale Light emitters using metal nanoparticlesPlenary LectureUS-Japan Symposium on Nanophotonics, Miyazaki, Japan
2008ZnO conjugated to hydrogel nanoparticles for biological applicationsGuest LectureShimane Industrial Lecture forum, Matsue, Japan
2007“Hydrogel based Nanophotonics for Biomedical Applications”Plenary TalkGlobal COE, Symposium, Shimane University, School of Medicine , Japan
2007“Nanophotonics Research Activities at University of North Texas”Invited LectureNational Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
2007“Polymeric hydrogel based materials for Nanophotonics and Microfluidics”Invited seminarDepartment of Material Science and Engineering Research Seminar, UNT, Denton, TX
2007“Nanophotonics Research Activities at University of North Texas”Invited seminarUNT-Global Hispanic Research Seminar at UAEM, Tolouca, Mexico
2007“Plasmonic Emitters”Invited LectureUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
2007“Long range surface plasmons and resonant plasmonic emitters”Invited LectureTsukuba Advanced Research Alliance (TARA) Center Symposium, University of Tsukuba, Japan,
2006“Nanophotonic research at University of North Texas”, “Nanomaterials Application Center”Invited LectureWinstead, Dallas
2006Enhancement of Plasmon Propagation Length using Optical Anisotropy in Photonic CrystalsInvited LectureUniversity of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan
2006Plasmonics for Nanoscale ElectronicsInvited LectureThe Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Wako, Saitama, Japan
2006International Cooperative Activity in Nanophotonics Material Research between University of North Texas and Japanese UniversitiesInvited LectureShimane University, Matsue, Japan
2006Engineering Spontaneous Emission in Hybrid Nanoscale Materials for Optoelectronics and Biophotonics applicationInvited LectureKobe University, Kobe, Japan
2006Engineering Spontaneous Emission in Hybrid Multifunctional Photonic MaterialsInvited LectureNara Institute of Technology, NAIST, Japan
2006Manipulation of Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanostructures via Random scattering in hybrid materials for optoelectronics and biophotonic applicationInvited LectureUniversity of Idaho, Moscow
2005“GaN semiconductor based Nano- and Bio-photonic devices”Invited LectureDepartment of Physics, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
2005“Photonics using GaN nanostructures: Quantum Dots and Plasmonic Emitters” JSPS-COEInvited LectureUniversity of Electro-Communication, Tokyo, Japan
2005“Photonics using GaN nanostructures: Quantum Dots, Plasmonic Emitters and Detectors”Invited LectureNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST, Tsukuba, Japa
2005“Photonics using GaN nanostructures: Quantum Dots and Plasmonic Emitters”Invited LectureWaseda University, Tokyo, Japan
2005“GaN semiconductor based Nano- and Bio-photonic devices”Invited LectureDepartment of Physics, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
2005“GaN semiconductor based nano- and bio-photonic devicesColloquiumNanotechnology Center, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
2005“GaN semiconductor based Nano- and Bio-photonic devices”SeminarCenter for Photonics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
2005“GaN semiconductor based Nano- and Bio-photonic devices”Condensed Matter Seminar SeriesTata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
2005“GaN semiconductor based Nano- and Bio-photonic devices”Inter-University ConsortiumDepartment of Atomic Energy, Indore, India
2005“GaN semiconductor based Nano- and Bio-photonic devices”Invited LectureSGS Institute of Technology and Science, Indore, India
2005“Wide-bandgap nanoscale materials for Molecular electronics and Bio-photonic Applications”Invited LectureIndian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
2005“Multifunctional Hybrid semiconductor Materials for Photonics”Materials Research Society Series ColloquiumDepartment of Material Science, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
2005“Plasmonic based Nanophotonic emitters”IEEE-Lasers and Electro-Optics Seminar SeriesUniversity of Texas at Arlington, Arlington
2005“Nanoscale Photonics and Optoelectronics at University of North Texas”Invited LectureTexas-Scottish Joint Symposium on Nanophotonics, Texas State University, San Marcus
2005“Nanoscale Photonics and Optoelectronics at University of North Texas”Invited LectureTexas-Shimane University Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology, Shimane University, Matsue, Japan
2005“Plamonics based Nanophotonic emitters”Invited LectureUniversity of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan
2003“Optical Properties of GaN Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Photonic Applications”Invited LectureUniversity of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas
2003“Optical Characterization of GaN Quantum Dots grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy”Invited LectureElectrochemical Society Meeting,
2003“Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanostructures for Photonic Applications””Invited LectureUniversity of North Texas, Denton, Texas
2003“Ultrafast Optical properties of GaN semiconductor nanostructures”Invited Lectureof Texas, Austin, Texas
2001“Ultrafast optical effects in III-V semiconductor nanostructures for optoelectronic applications”Invited LectureInstitute for Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Lasers, City College of New York, USA
2001“Ultrafast optical effects in III-V semiconductor nanostructures for optoelectronic applications,"Invited Lectureof Physics Colloquium, Auburn University, AL, USA
2000“Near-infrared Optical Devices based on intersubband transitions in Antimonides”,Condensed Matter Seminar SeriesDuke University, Durham, NC, USA
2000“Intersubband transitions in Antimonides and their application to ultrafast optical devices”FESTA Seminar SeriesThe Femtosecond Technology Research Association, Tsukuba, Japan
2000“Near-infrared intersubband transitions and ultrafast device phenomena in InGaAs/AlAsSb Quantum Well”Optics Seminar SeriesCenter for Optics, University of Oregon, Oregon, USA
2000“Near-infrared intersubband transitions and ultrafast device phenomena in InGaAs/AlAsSb Quantum Well”Invited LectureDepartment of Physics Colloquium, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, USA
1999“Near-infrared intersubband transitions and ultrafast device phenomena in InGaAs/AlAsSb Quantum Well”Invited LectureThe Frontier Research Program, RIKEN, Wako, Japan
1999“Near-infrared intersubband optical transitions in InGaAs/AlAsSb quantum wells”Invited LectureMax Born Institute for Nonlinear Optics and Spectroscopy, Berlin, Germany
1999“Near-infrared Optical Devices based on intersubband optical transition in semiconductor quantum wells,”Invited LectureCenter for Advanced Technology, Indore, India
1999“Ultrafast Optical Switching and electromagnetically induced transparency in semiconductor quantum wells”Invited LectureDepartment of Elect. Eng., Univ. of California, Berkeley
19971. Nonlinear Frequency Generation and Ultrafast Optical Modulation in Semiconductor Quantum WellsInvited LectureThe Femtosecond Technology Research Association, Tsukuba, Japan
19942. Nonlinear Optical Effects in Semiconductor PlasmasInvited LectureFaculty of Engineering, Yamagata University, Yonezawa, Japan
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Year of AwardTitle of PatentDescription
 2 Patents based on semiconductor heterostructures 
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Start DateEnd DatePresentation/Project
2007 2007 “CdTe Quantum Dot in Tunable Hydrogel Nanocrystals”, A. Neogi, S. Ghosh, B. Garner, J. Li, T. Cai, Z.Hu; Univ. of North Texas, USA. Quantum Electronics Laser Science Conference, Baltimore, MD, May 2007 vol QTuL5.
2007 2007 “Resonant Energy Transfer Due to Exciton-Exciton Interaction in the Strong Coupling Regime in Hybrid InGaN Quantum Wells”, J. Li, A. Neogi, T. Ishihara, A. Tackeuchi; Quantum Electronics Laser Science Conference, Baltimore, MD, May 2007 QWG6
2007 2007 Optical Properties of Single GaN nanotip pyramid grown by polarization selection chemical etching, A. Neogi, A. Mohammadizia, J. Li, H. Ng, T. Kawazoe, M. Ohtsu, Semiconducting and Insulating Materials Conference, Arkansas, May 2007, Paper # T0219142
toggle toggle External Funding
 Performance PeriodTitleSponsorFundingRoleStatus
  National Science Foundation$529,100Co-PICompleted
  Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences$180,000Co-PICompleted
  Industrial Funding; from JASCO, Newport, MMI$280,000Co-PICompleted
 Instrumentation grant for Streak CameraDepartment of Defense$125,000Co-PICompleted
 Faculty Research Grant, Instrumentation Grant, Charn and Global-Hispanic ProgramUniversity Research Grants$300,000Co-PICompleted
toggle toggle Teaching
1060 Astronomy II

1210 Conceptual Physics

1420 Basic Physics II

4610 Introduction to Laser Physics

5910 Nanophotonics and Ultrafast Optics

5910 Nonlinear Optics

5940 Seminar Series in Semiconductor Optoelectronics

6400 Photonics for Scientists and Engineers

toggle toggle Mentoring/Advising
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)Student NameClassificationTypeProject/Thesis/Dissertation
2006-2009Tony Llopis Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingReceived the first College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Research Fellowship among the Sciences Departments.
2008Jianyou LiDoctor of Philosophy in PhysicsGraduate Research“Hybrid Molecular Photonic device using Nitride based Self-Assembled Guaninosine”
2008Brett GarnerDoctor of Philosophy in PhysicsGraduate Research“Design and Fabrication of Tunable Photonic Crystal”
2008Karol Grycznksi Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingSelected as an NSF east Asia program to travel to Kyoto University in June 2009.
2006-2007Dr. Shantaneel Ghosh Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingHe was a JI exchange Scholar working on microfludic channels/biomemetic and an Adjunct lecturer in the Department of Physics. Dr. Ghosh is presently an Assistant Professor at Southwest Missouri State University, MO
2006David McNeal Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingIs the first UNT graduate student to be selected as an NSF east asia program to travel to University to Tsukuba in 2006.
2006Aseema Mohanty Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingShe was a TAMS student who worked in my laboratory and was successful to be selected to MIT Chemical Engineering Program
2005Jianyou Li Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingOur groups work on molecular electronics which was presented in the MRS meeting in 2005 received the MRS Trophy award for the best manuscript.
2005Padmarekha VemuriMaster of Science/ (Eng. Tech.)Graduate Research“Engineering spontaneous emission in semiconductor nanostructures using photonic crystals”
2005David McNealMaster of Science in PhysicsGraduate Research“Effect of Anisotropy on Plasmonic Structures”
2005Harsheetal LiddarMaster of Science/ (Eng. Tech.)Graduate Research“Bioconjugation of Self-assembled guanosine to GaN nanostructures”
2003-2005Dr. Anju Sharma Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingIs presently appointed as a Faculty at State University of New York, Binghampton
 Brett Garner Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingTraveled to Japan under the IRES program to perform research related to their Doctoral or Master thesis.
 Eziekel Walker Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingTraveled to Japan under the IRES program to perform research related to their Doctoral or Master thesis.
 Sween John Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingTraveled to Japan under the IRES program to perform research related to their Doctoral or Master thesis.
 Karol Gryczynski Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingTraveled to Japan under the IRES program to perform research related to their Doctoral or Master thesis.
 Tony Llopis Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingTraveled to Japan under the IRES program to perform research related to their Doctoral or Master thesis.
 Ben UrbanDoctor of Philosophy in BiophysicsGraduate Mentoring/Advising“Bioimaging using ZnO nanoparticles conjugated to Hydrogels”
 Tony LlopisDoctor of Philosophy in PhysicsGraduate Mentoring/Advising“Anamolous emission in InGaN/GaN meta-material”
 Amir MohammadiziaDoctor of Philosophy in PhysicsGraduate Mentoring/Advising“Plasmonic Properties of AlGaN/ GaN semiconductors”
 Sween JohnMaster of Science in Electr. Eng.Graduate Mentoring/Advising“Optical Properties of ZnO conjugated to hydrogel bioconjugates”
 Jie LinDoctor of Philosophy in PhysicsGraduate Mentoring/Advising“Near-field Optical spectroscopy of plasmonic nanostructures”
 Deepa KaluruMaster of Science in Eng. TechGraduate Mentoring/Advising“Photonic Crystals coupled to Plasmonic nanostructures for nanophotonics”
 Akhilesh SinghDoctor of Philosophy in PhysicsGraduate Mentoring/Advising“Long Range Plasmonic propagation via bandgap Engineering”
 Ezeikel WalkerDoctor of Philosophy in PhysicsGraduate Mentoring/Advising“Magnetically tunable Photonic crystals for Biosensing”
 Karol GrycznskiDoctor of Philosophy in PhysicsGraduate Mentoring/Advising“Optically controlled Tunable Phononic Crystal”
 Meg MahatDoctor of Philosophy in PhysicsGraduate Mentoring/Advising“Surface Plasmon Enhanced Femtosecond laser induced Micromachining”
 Ben Urban Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingTraveled to Japan under the IRES program to perform research related to their Doctoral or Master thesis.
toggle toggle Committees
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)CommitteePositionClassification
2008Search Committee, PhotonicsChair 
2008Bio-Nanophotonics cluster searchChair 
2007Search Committee, Epitaxial GrowthChair 
2006-2007Departmental Executive CommitteeMember 
2003-2007Physical Facilities CommitteeMember 
2006Condensed Matter Physics GroupSearch Committee member 
2004-2006Graduate CommitteeMember 
2003-2005Departmental Executive CommitteeMember 
toggle toggle Memberships
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)OrganizationPositionClassification
1997-PresentInternational Who’s Who of ProfessionalsMember 
1996-PresentMarquis Who’s Who in the WorldMember 
2006-2008UNT-JSPS International Meeting SeriesChair and Organizer 
2006-2007MRS Quantum Dot SymposiumChair 
2000American Bibliographic Society  
 Member of National Science Foundations Nanotechnology Research Initiative, Major Research Instrumentation and Electronics and Communication System Review panel  
 Program Committee of VI Mid-Infrared Optoelectronic Materials & Devices, France 2001  
 Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE);LEOSSenior Member 
 American Institute of Physics, Institute of Physics, U.K , American Chemical Society and American Physical SocietyReviewer 
 Semiconductor and Insulating Materials ConferenceOrganizing Committee Member 
 Army Research OfficeReviewer 
toggle toggle Honors and Recognitions
YearTitleHonoring Organization
2006Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences Invitational Scholarship 
2006-2008Elected President of the USAJSPS Association
2005MRS Trophy Award in Molecular Electronics 
2000Senior Research Associateship AwardU.S. National Research Council
1995Japan Society for Promotion of Science's Post doctoral ScholarshipJapan Society
1994Monbusho Post doctoral FellowshipMinistry of Education, Culture & Science, JAPAN
1991Indian Science Congress Association Young Scientist AwardCalcutta, INDIA
1990Central India Young Scientist AwardM.P. Council of Science & Technology, INDIA
1990Prof. Narayan Singh AwardScience Center Gwalior, INDIA
1990Senior Research FellowshipCouncil of Scientific & Industrial Research, INDIA
1988University Gold Medal in the Applied Science Faculty of Rani Durgavati UnivRani Durgavati Univ., Jabalpur, INDIA
 Vice President of the IEEE-LEOS Fort-Worth Chapter 
 Member of Texas-Shimane Nanotechnology Industrial Forum 
toggle toggle Professional Community Engagement
YearOrganizationRoleType of Service
2009Multifunctional Nanoscale Material for 21st Century, Argonne National Laboratory, USA  
2008International Winterschool on Nanophotonics for young Scientists at Univ. of North Texas.  
2008US-Japan Joint Symposium on Nanophotonics at Miyazaki, Japan  
2008US-Japan Joint Nanophotonics Meeting (Quantum Dot Symposium)Chair 
2008COE meeting at Kyoto UniversityPlenary Speaker Global 
2007International Conference on Semiconductor and Insulating Material (University of Arkansas)  
2007Globalization and Japan --Scientific Challenges on Environment due to  
2007Material Research Society Meeting (Quantum Dot Symposium)Chair 
2006UNT-JSPS meeting on Nanoscale Materials for Optoelectronics and Biophotonics  
2006Material Research Society Meeting (Quantum Dot Symposium)Chair 
2003“Infrared Optoelectronic Material Characterization” Session at the March 2003 meeting of American Physical Society Meeting at AustinChair 
2003Material Research Society MeetingChair 
toggle toggle Additional Information

- Prof. H. Morkoc (Virginia Commonwealth University)
- Dr. Abhijit Sarkar (Michigan Molecular Institute)
- Prof. A. Tackeuchi (Waseda Univ.)
- Prof. M. Ohtsu and Dr. T. Kawazoe (Univ. of Tokyo);
- Profs. Zhibing Hu, Floyd McDaniel, Chris Littler, (UNT-Physics);
- Prof. Mohammad Omary,(UNT-Chemistry),
- Dr. Purnima Neogi (UNT-Biology)
- Prof. Yasuhisha Fujita (Shimane University)
- Prof. Zygmut Gryczynski (UNT-Health Science Center)\
- Dr. H. Ng, Bell Laboratories, Lucent-Alcatel

Laboratory Facilities
Three-major optical and electronic characterization facilities and one device modeling computational facilities was developed with support from DoD, NSF, DOE, UNT Internal grants and collaborative effort with Departments of Chemistry and Engineering Technology.

1. Ultrafast Optics Laboratory: Laser Sources:
- A tunable femtosecond laser system -(300 nm - 16 mm) That includes: Diode pumped Nd:YLF laser as a pump source, a 1 kHz 2.5 mJ Femtosecond Regenerative Amplifier, a Fiber laser (@ 800 nm) as the seed source, a Femtosecond optical parametric amplifier (300 nm - 16 mm).
- Tunable femtosecond OPO (210 nm 2670 nm)
- UV-Visible Argon Laser, CW He-Cd Laser 25mW, He-Ne Lasers (10 mW), GaN Laser Diodes (5 mW)

- Cooled CCDs, and Streak Camera for UV-Visible Ultrafast optical spectroscopy, InGaAs, PbS, HgCdTe detectors
- Liquid Helium and liquid nitrogen cryogenic facilities for low temperature measurements

Experiments include temperature and time-resolved photoluminescence and absorption spectroscopy, differential transmission spectroscopy, photoluminescence emission spectroscopy

2. Nanophotonics Laboratory:

- Near-field Optical Microspectrophotometer (JASCO NFS-330T System) established using the NSF-MRI instrumentation grant.
- Temperature dependent near-field optical spectroscopy upto Liquid Helium temperatures.

The availability of Ultrafast Spectroscopy for nanoscale materials beyond the diffraction limit using near-field optical spectroscopy at 4.2 K is unique. To the best of our knowledge, there are no such facilities available in the United States for the UV-Visible region.

3. Raman Spectroscopy Laboratory

- UV-Visible Confocal Micro-Raman Spectroscopy system (JY- T64000 CCD based imaging system) for material characterization
- Sources include HeCd laser, Intra-cavity double Argon Ion laser.
4. Device Fabrication and characterization :
- Over 50 sq ft of a class 100 clean room with wet bench/fume hoods for sample preparation, metallization facilities, etching, electrical device fabrication etc.
- Photocurrent and IV-measurement system.
- Hydrogel synthesis station, Microfluidic and Biomemetics using nanoparticle doped hydrogel

5. Device Modeling Laboratory
- Dell Main Frame system with softwares such as RSoft, EM Photonics Laboratory, MIT- MPB package for the design and modeling of Photonic Crystals.
- Includes both Windows and LINUX based Operating System

Overall instrumentation exceeds $ 1,500,000 excluding building infrastructures which has all been assembled since 2003.

Professional References

- Prof. Hadis Morkoc, Founders Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 601 West Main Street, Room 338, P.O. Box 843072, Richmond, Virginia 23284-3072, USA. E-mail: hmorkoc@vcu.edu, Phone: (804) 827-3765; Fax: (804) 828-4269.
- Prof. Terry Golding, Endowed Chair, Department of Material Science and Engineering, 3240 Roy F Mitte Technology & Science Bldg., Texas State University, 601 University Drive, San Marcus, Texas 78666. Email: golding@txstate.edu; Phone: (512) 245-2131
- Prof. Osamu Wada, Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Eng., Kobe University, Kobe, Japan, E-E-mail: wada@eedept.kobe-u.ac.jp, Phone/Fax: +81 -(0)78-803-6072.
- Prof. Arkadii Krokhin, Department of Physics, University of North Texas, P.O. Box 311427, Denton, Texas 76203. E-mail: arkady@unt.edu, Phone (940)565-3968
- Prof. Hitoshi Kawaguchi, Department of Electrical Engineering, Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Nara, Japan. E-mail: phonon13@yahoo.com; Phone: 81-743-72-6183.

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