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 George A Yancey
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George A Yancey
Contact address   University of North Texas/ Department of Sociology, 1155 Union Circle # 311157, Denton, Texas 76203     Office LocationChilton Hall, Room No.: 397F 
Email    Contact Number 9405652296    Fax No: 9403697035   
Graduate Faculty Membership Status: Full Membership-Permanent   
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 Doctor of PhilosophySociology/ "The Utilization of Weber's Elective Affinity to Reconcile the Macro and Micro Schools within Sociology of Science"University of Texas at Austin1994
 Master of ArtsEconomicsUniversity of Texas at Austin1989
 Bachelor of ScienceEconomicsWest Texas State University1985
toggle toggle Courses Taught By Semester --- Organized Classes will be uploaded from THECB Data file
SemesterSubjectCourse NumberSectionCourse NameCalculated Semester Credit HoursSyllabus 
Spring 2014SOCI3700001Sociology of Religion Download Syllabus
Summer 3W1 2013SOCI3600900The Multiracial Family Download Syllabus
Summer 8W1 2013SOCI3900900Race and Christianity Download Syllabus
Fall 2013SOCI1520001Contemporary Social Problems Download Syllabus
Fall 2013SOCI2070001Introduction to Race and Ethnic Relations Download Syllabus
Spring 2013SOCI3240002Qualitative Data Collection Download Syllabus
Spring 2013SOCI3700001Sociology of Religion  
Summer 2012SOCI3600001The Multiracial Family  
Summer 2012SOCI3600200The Multiracial Family  
Summer 2012SOCI3900001Race and Christianity  
Summer 2012SOCI3900200Race and Christianity  
Fall 2012SOCI1520001Contemporary Social Problems  
Fall 2012SOCI2070001Introduction to Race and Ethnic Relations  
Spring 2012SOCI3700001Sociology of Religion  
Summer 2011SOCI3600001The Multiracial Family Download Syllabus
Summer 2011SOCI3600200The Multiracial Family  
Summer 2011SOCI3900001Race and Christianity Download Syllabus
Summer 2011SOCI3900200Race and Christianity  
Fall 2011SOCI1520001Contemporary Social Problems Download Syllabus
Fall 2011SOCI2070001Introduction to Race and Ethnic Relations Download Syllabus
Spring 2011SOCI4540001Race and Ethnic Minorities Download Syllabus
Fall 2010SOCI1520001Contemporary Social Problems Download Syllabus
Fall 2010SOCI2070001Introduction to Race and Ethnic Relations Download Syllabus
Spring 2010SOCI3700001Sociology of Religion297 
Spring 2010SOCI5260002Topics in Sociology6 
Spring 2010SOCI6500002Seminar on Social Organization and Disorganization24 
Fall 2009SOCI1520001Contemporary Social Problems189 
Fall 2009SOCI2070001Introduction to Race and Ethnic Relations177 
toggle toggle Research and Expertise
Interracial Unions

Multiracial Churches

Race Relations


Sociology of Knowledge

Sociology of Science

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Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)RankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2002-presentAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Sociology University of North Texas
1999-2001Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Sociology University of North Texas
1996-1999Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Sociology University of Wisconsin at Whitewater
1994-1996Special Projects Consultant Round Top Consulting AssociatesRound Top Consulting Associates, San Antonio, Texas
1993-1996Visiting Assistant ProfessorDivision of Social and Policy Science University of Texas at San Antonio
1991-1993Assistant InstructorDepartment of Sociology University of Texas at Austin
1989-1991Teaching AssistantDepartment of Sociology University of Texas at Austin
1987-1989Teaching AssistantDepartment of Economics University of Texas at Austin
1996Adjunct FacultyDepartment of Sociology Our Lady of the Lake University
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Duration (YYYY - YYYY)Percentage TeachingPercentage ResearchPercentage Service
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  YearPublication  Type

Does Height Matter?  An

Examination of Height Preferences in Romantic Coupling

George Yancey and Michael Emerson
Journal of Family Issues
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals

Atheists, Agnostics, Spirituals and Christians:  Assessing Confirmation

Bias within a Measure of Cognitive Ability

George Yancey
Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
Dehumanizing Christians: Cultural Competition in a Multicultural World
George Yancey
Transaction Publishers
Too Many Christians, Not Enough Lions (tentative title)
George Yancey and David Williamson
Rowman and Littlefield
Atheists in the United States
David Williamson and George Yancey
Rowman and Littlefield
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  Presentations/Projects per page   1  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 
Start DateEnd DatePresentation/Project
 2013 Atheists, Christians and Critical Thinking

Yancey, George (2013). “Atheists, Christians and Critical Thinking: Are Culturalist Effects Shaping the Relationship of Religion and Intelligence?” Southwestern Social Science Association. New Orleans, LA.

 2013 Science Defines Religion

Yancey, George, Sam Reimer and Jake O’Connell (2013) “Science Defines Religion: How U.S. Scholars Define and Perceive Fundamentalist, Evangelical and Mainline Protestants “ Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. Boston, MA.

 2013 How Do You Find Good Without God?

Yancey, George and David Williamson (2013) “How Do You Find Good Without God?: An Atheist Morality” Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. Boston, MA.

 2012 How Tall are You?

Yancey, George and Michael Emerson (2012). “How Tall Are You?: An Examination of Height Preferences in Romantic Coupling.” Southwestern Social Science Association. San Diego, CA

 2012 Developing a Model of identity of Cultural Progressive Activists

Yancey, George and David Williamson (2012). “Developing a Model of Identity of Cultural Progressive Activists.” Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. Phoenix, AZ

toggle toggle External Funding
 Performance Period (YYYY - YYYY or Present)TitleSponsorFundingRoleStatus
2011-2012Administrative Support for Development of Christians StudiesApgar Foundtion$25,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2009“A Qualitative Examination of the Challenges Faced by Hispanic American, First Generation College Students” $14695.49Co-PICompleted
2003-20042003-2004 “Handling Cultural Differences Among Interracial Couples”Faculty Research Grant by the University of North Texas$3,500Co-PICompleted
1999-2001“Multiracial Congregations and their People”Lilly Endowment$484,884Co-PICompleted
1997-1998“Course Development - “Biracial Families"University of Wisconsin System Institute on Race and Ethnicity$750Principal InvestigatorCompleted
toggle toggle Teaching
Biracial Families

Class, Race and Gender Stratification

Grad. Courses

Introduction to Sociology

Marriage and the Family

Medical Sociology

Race and Ethnicity

Seminar in Race and Ethnicity

Social Problems

Social Psychology

Sociology of Religion

Teaching Sociology

Violence in the Community and Family

toggle toggle Mentoring/Advising
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)Student NameClassificationTypeProject/Thesis/Dissertation
 Jacqueline Keggins Graduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Anissa SchroppCommittee memberGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Brenda McCoyCommittee memberGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Linda DutkeChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Douglas GeorgeChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 LaQueta Wright Graduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Dustin Johnson(not on the final committee)Graduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Devon Romig Graduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Alicia EdisonChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Johnnie DollarhideChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Mustafa Kayaoglu Graduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Huseyin Cinoglu Graduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Setma Maddox Graduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Abigail TiltonCommittee memberGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Marvin KingCommittee memberGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Ryan FletcherCommittee memberGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Patil GodavariCommittee memberGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 James DenticeChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Kambiz Rafraf Graduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Myron StrongChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Starita SmithChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Santiago CruzChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Rubye DodsonChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Ye Jung KimChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Caazena HunterChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Ashley Jarvis Graduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Thomas YoungbloodChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Jennifer Ham Graduate Mentoring/Advising 
 Lori StillwellChairGraduate Mentoring/Advising 
toggle toggle Committees
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)CommitteePositionClassification
2004-presentCollege Curriculum Committee  
2001-presentGrievance Committee  
2001-presentRecruitment Committee  
1999-presentDepartmental Curriculum CommitteeChair 
2000-2001Comps CommitteeChair 
2000Demographer Search Committee  
1999Theory Search Committee  
1999Statistics Search Committee  
toggle toggle Memberships
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)OrganizationPositionClassification
 Southwestern Social Science AssociationMember 
 Southern Sociological SocietyMember 
 Society for the Scientific Study of ReligionMember 
 Association of Christians Teaching Sociology  
toggle toggle Professional Community Engagement
YearOrganizationRoleType of Service
2007-presentGraduate Christian Student FellowshipCampus Advisor 
2007“The Church in America: Encouraging or Opposing Segregation”Panel Participant 
2007Harrisburg Brethren in ChristConsultantThis is a multiracial urban church that sought advice as to how to deal with some current issues of diversity and how to become more racially diverse
2006Cornerstone Bible Church in Cedar Hill, TexasConsultantThis is a predominately white church. I am in the process of using sociological techniques so that I can provide advice that will help it to reach people of other races and become multiracial
2005Grace Presbyterian Church in Dover, DelawareConsultantThis is a predominately white church. I used sociological analysis to evaluate the church to provide advice that will help it to reach people of other races and become multiracial
2004-presentInternational Dream & Love FellowshipCampus AdvisorA predominately Asian campus ministry on the University of North Texas
2004-presentMosiaxBoard of Directors 
2002-presentPlumblineCampus AdvisorA predominately black campus ministry on the University of North Texas
2002“Religious and Racial Identity”Session ConvenerSociety for the Scientific Study of Religion
2001Bethal College and Seminary Chapel talk-"Why can't we get along"-Community presentation-"What is Racial Reconciliation"Moberg LecturershipBethal College and Seminary
2000“Multiracial Families and Individuals."Guest EditorSpecial edition of Sociological Imagination
2000“Interracial Families in the Larger Social Context”Session OrganizerSouthern Sociological Society Meetings
2000“Interracial Relationships and Multiracial Americans"Session Organizer and PresiderSouthwestern Social Science Association, Galveston, Texas
1999“Evangelicalism ”DiscussantAssociation of Christians Teaching Sociology
1999“Interracial Courtship and Marriage American Sociological Association ChicagoSession Organizer 
1999“Bi/Multiracial Identity”Session Organizer and PresiderMidwest Sociological Society Minneapolis
1999“Interracial Families”Session Organizer and PresiderMidwest Sociological Society Minneapolis
1998“Interracial Courtship and Marriage”Session OrganizerMidwest Sociological Society. Kansas City, MO
1998Bridgebuilders of Janesville/BeloitConsultant(A group of church leaders who are dealing with issues of racial reconciliation). I provided racial sensitivity training for the group
1997“Sociological Inquiries about Social Inequality”DiscussantMidwest Sociological Society. Des Moines, IA.
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