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 Stanley R. Ingman
 Contact Information
Stanley R. Ingman
Professor & Director-Applied Gerontology Aging Program
Contact address   University of North Texas/ Department of Applied Gerontology, 1155 Union Circle # 310919, Denton, AL 76203     Office LocationChilton Hall, Room No.: 273F 
Email  stan.ingman@unt.edu    Contact Number (940) 565-2298   
Graduate Faculty Membership Status: Full Membership-Permanent   
toggle toggle  Professional Preparation
 Degree Major/Thesis/Dissertation Institution Year
Doctor of Philosophy Sociology University of Pittsburgh 1971
Master of Arts Sociology Ohio State University 1963
Bachelor of Arts Botany Miami University (Ohio) 1961
toggle toggle Courses Taught By Semester --- Organized Classes will be uploaded from THECB Data file
SemesterSubjectCourse NumberSectionCourse NameCalculated Semester Credit HoursSyllabus 
Fall 2015AGER4560900Minority Aging  
Spring 2015AGER4800900The Social Context of Aging: Global Perspectives Download Syllabus
Spring 2015AGER2000900Global Aging and Individual Aging Download Syllabus
Fall 2014AGER4560900Minority Aging Download Syllabus
Spring 2014AGER4800950The Social Context of Aging: Global Perspectives Download Syllabus
Spring 2014AGER4800900The Social Context of Aging: Global Perspectives Download Syllabus
Spring 2014AGER2000900Global Aging and Individual Aging Download Syllabus
Fall 2013AGER4560900Minority Aging Download Syllabus
Spring 2013AGER2000950Global Aging and Individual Aging Download Syllabus
Spring 2013AGER2000900Global Aging and Individual Aging Download Syllabus
Fall 2012AGER4560950Minority Aging Download Syllabus
Fall 2012AGER4560900Minority Aging Download Syllabus
Spring 2012AGER2000950Global Aging and Individual Aging Download Syllabus
Spring 2012AGER2000900Global Aging and Individual Aging Download Syllabus
Spring 2011AGER4780950Aging Programs and Services  
Spring 2011AGER4780900Aging Programs and Services  
Spring 2011AGER2000950Global Aging and Individual Aging Download Syllabus
Spring 2011AGER2000900Global Aging and Individual Aging Download Syllabus
Spring 2010AGER6750001Global Perspectives on the Future of Aging21 
Spring 2010AGER6150001Theories of Aging36 
Spring 2010AGER5940900Proseminar on Applications in Practice33 
Fall 2011SOCI4260950Topics in Sociology Download Syllabus
Fall 2011SOCI4260900Topics in Sociology Download Syllabus
Fall 2011AGER5560950Seminar on Minority Aging  
Fall 2011AGER5560900Seminar on Minority Aging  
Fall 2011AGER5560690Seminar on Minority Aging  
Fall 2011AGER4560950Minority Aging Download Syllabus
Fall 2011AGER4560900Minority Aging Download Syllabus
Fall 2010AGER6150001Theories of Aging24Download Syllabus
Fall 2010AGER5560900Seminar on Minority Aging30Download Syllabus
Fall 2009AGER6150001Theories of Aging84 
Fall 2009AGER5560900Seminar on Minority Aging48 
Fall 2009AGER4780001Aging Programs and Services48 
toggle toggle  Research and Expertise
Community Services
Environmental Public Policy-Sustainable Communities
Organization of Health Care Services for Aged; Urban Housing
Senior Housing
Senior Reengagement
Sociology of Health
Sustainable Communities
toggle toggle Appointments
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)RankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2003-PresentDirector Doctoral Program in Applied Gerontology 
1992-PresentAssociate DirectorNortheast Texas Region, Texas Consortium of Geriatric Education Centers Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Bureau of Health Professions, HHS
1991-PresentDirectorTexas Institute for Research and Education on Aging University of North Texas Health Science Center and University of North Texas Complex
1990-PresentProfessor of Sociology and Gerontology, (Tenured)Department of Applied Gerontology, School of Public Affairs and Community Services University of North Texas
1985-PresentExternal ReaderDepartment of Sociology The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2004-2007Director Afterschool/VISTA/FWS – America Reads/Family Literacy Program 
1995-2007DirectorCenter for Public Service, School of Community Service University of North Texas
1995-1998Program DirectorHealthy Neighborhood InitiativeCenter for Public Service, School of Community ServiceUniversity of North Texas
1987-1990Director Center for the Study of AgingUMC
1987-1990Associate Director Midwest Council for Social Research on AgingPre and Post Doctoral Training Program (NIA)
1977-1990Associate Professor (Tenured)Department of Family & Community Medicine University of Missouri-Columbia
1986-1987PEW Health Policy FellowUC-SF Schools of Medicine and Nursing San Francisco
1981-1986Director Post Doctoral ProgramMental Health and Aging (NIMH)
1976-1977Program Director Master of Science Program in Community HealthUCONN-Health Center
1974-1977Program Director Doctoral Program in Social Science and Health ServicesUCONN-Health Center
1969-1977Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Community Medicine and Health Care UCONN-Health Center
1970-1973Acting Program Director and Program Coordinator Doctoral Program in Social Science and Health ServicesUCONN - Health Center National Center for Health Service Research, PHS funding
1963-1965Junior Soil and Water Conservation Engineer International Voluntary Service Volunteer, U.S. Agency for International DevelopmentAlgerian Government
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Duration (YYYY - YYYY)Percentage TeachingPercentage ResearchPercentage Service
toggle toggle Publications
  Type  Publications per page   
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  YearPublication  Type
LaTrica Rhynes , Bert Hayslip Jr., Daniela Caballero, and Stan Ingman , " The Beneficial Effects of Senior Center Attendance on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren ,"
Journal of Intergenerational Relationships (JIR)
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
S. Ingman , Shilpa Sharhidhara and Wil Orakpo “ Work, Retirement, and Leisure “ Chapter for Volume by Dr Jerry Baydo, (ed.) Gerontology: Inactive Text, NSS Press , 2010.
NSS Press
Books Edited
Stan Ingman , Iftekhar Amin, Egerton Clarke, Kendall Brune, “Education for an Aging Planet” Educational Gerontology: An International Journal. Vol. 36, No. 5, May, 2010. Pp 394-406.
Educational Gerontology: International Journal
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
S. Jesmin, I. Amin and S. Ingman , “ Sustainability of Seniors in Low and Middle Income Societies” Educational Gerontology: International Journal , Vol. 37, No. 6, 2011.
Educational Gerontology: International Journal
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
Amin , Iftekhar and S. Ingman “Retiring in a Foreign Land” The Journal of Aging in Emerging Economies Vol 1, No 2, August, 2009.
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
toggle toggle Editorships
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)OrganizationPositionClassification
1997-PresentSustainable Communities ReviewEditor 
2005-2007National: Doctoral Programs in Gerontology CommitteeEditorAGHE/GSA
1994-1999Secretary/Treasurer of International Sociological Association Research CommitteeEditorSociology of Aging/Editor of Newsletter
1994-1996Southwest Journal on AgingEditor 
 Advisory Committee of AGHE for Geriatric and Gerontology Education JournalEditor 
toggle toggle Presentations and Projects
  Presentations/Projects per page   
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Start DateEnd DatePresentation/Project
2007 2007 Panel presentations at the Center for Economic Development and Research at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas Monday, April 30, 2007 UNT Gateway Center, Topic: Sustainable Affordable Housing
2007 2007 Presentation: “Building Sustainable Communities and Appropriate Technology” at St. Louis Christian College and World Agricultural Forum, October, 2007.
2007 2007 Presentation: “Creating Sustainable Communities in Mexico and in Texas Through University , Community , and Governmental Partnerships” Ocotlan Campus, Centro Universitario de la Cienega ( U de Guadalajara branch), Ocotlan, Jalisco . November 28- 30, 2007
toggle toggle External Funding
 Performance PeriodTitleSponsorFundingRoleStatus
2005-2008VISTA/Tutoring/Afterschool ProgramAmerica Reads/Family Literacy Program$15,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1997-2008Educational Consortium on Volunteerism $440,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1992-2008Seniors and Volunteers for Childhood ImmunizationTexas Department of Health$150,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2007“Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Existing and New Residential Homes in the North Central Texas”EPA Grant, S. Ingman & T. Cower$295,990Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2006-2007Creating Sustainable Communities in Mexico and in Texas, Hispanic and Global Studies Initiative Fund. PIs Ingman, Flores, HartmanGLobal Studies/ Faculty from UNT, University of North Texas$25,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2005-2007An Evaluation of Disparities in Elderly Pneumonococcal Vaccination in North TexasUS-DHHS, PI K. Dreyer$346,020Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2005-2007An Evaluation of Food Intake Patients with Four Groups, US- PHS Dr . ConnorsK Dreyer in CPS/TIREA which Ingman manages$450,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2004-2007Texas Department of HealthSeniors and Volunteers for Childhood Immunication$100,000-$150,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2004-2007University of Texas Health Science CenterNIAAA$68,863Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2006North Texas Learn and ServeCorporation of National and Community Service$399,749Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2006Health care Issues of American Seniors Retiring in MexicoRetirement Research Foundation$5,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2004-2006Corporation of National and Community ServiceVISTA Volunteers working out of UNT in DISD and in Denton$347,199Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2005Strengthening Competitiveness of Small Producers by Sustainable Practices and Environmentally Friendly ProductsUSAID/ UAEM, UAZ and UNT$890,020Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2005Utilizing RSVP Participants in Creating a Senior Medicare Patrol ProjectUSHHS, PI K Dreyer$273,182Co-PICompleted
2004-2005Community Development Grant for MexicoUS AID TIES Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2004-2005Denton Affordable Housing Corp and UNT/CPS. “Building Energy Efficient Affordable Housing”$42,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2004Prairie Area Health Education CenterKathy Dreyer in CPS$25,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2004Environmental Alliance for Senior InvolvementCPS for EPA from the Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement Grant$85,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2003-2004Praire Area Health Education CenterCPS Prarie Area Health Education Center$43,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2002-2004Employment Assessment and Creation Center in South DallasMcCune Foundation Grant$250,000Co-PICompleted
2002-2004Community Oriented Partnership CenterCOPC, HUD-Stan Ingman$400,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2002-2003Senior Housing Survey in TexasTexas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and Tx Department on Aging$37,000Co-PICompleted
1995-2003Healthy Neighborhood Program in Center for Public ServiceContracts for Private Housing Developers/ Senior Housing and Multifamily$250,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1997-2002National Academy for Teaching and Learning about Aging, Retirement Research FoundationD. Couper, Jan Weaver and S. Ingman$320,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1998-2001Seniors and Volunteers for Childhood ImmunizationA. Reban and S. Ingman$85,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1995-1997Subcontract: Texas Consortium for Geriatric Education Centers"Gerontology in Education: Teaching the Teachers," Administration on Aging, HHS$100,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1991-1993"Academic/Provider Agency Teams in Eldercare Coalitions,"Administration on Aging, HHS$200,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1979-1981"Curriculum Development in Geriatric Medicine, Nutrition, Nursing."Bureau of Health Professions, HHS$110,000Co-PICompleted
1979-1980Planning Grant for Long Term Care Gerontology Center, UMKC-UMCAdministration on Aging, HHS Co-PICompleted
 Andrews Foundation of America Reads/Family Literacy ProgramAndrews Foundation of America Reads$150,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
toggle toggle Peer Reviewer Activities
YearAgency/OrganizationField of Expertise
 Social Science & MedicineReviewer
 Journal of Health & Social BehaviorReviewer
 The GerontologistReviewer
 Educational GerontologyReviewer
toggle toggle Teaching
AGER 5560

AGER 2000
Created New Class for Denton Campus. AGER 2000 Global Aging/Individual Aging. To be offered in Spring of 2008. Ingman. Potential Instruction with Doctoral Student Fellow. .

AGER 2000
AGER 2000  Spring 2014

AGER 4550
AGER 4550 MINORITY AGING    , 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

AGER 4800

AGER 5200
Care Giving and Aging AGER 5200 , Fall 2008.

AGER 5400

AGER 5560
Seminar in Minority Aging ��" AGER 5560 . 10 to 18 students, Internet class. Fall 2003, Fall 2004, Fall 2005, Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Fall 2008. , FALL 2009,. FALL 2010 , FALL 2011, FALL 2012, 2013

AGER 5750

AGER 5910
Aging in Emerging Societies: Mexico AGER 5910 , Spring 2009. Field School in Mexico- 12 graduate student- March 16th to 22nd.

AGER 6800
Public Policy and Aging AGER 6800 with Dr. Swan, Spring 2005.

AGER 6850
Future of Aging AGER 6850 12 students May-Summer 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2009. New Doctoral Class. Prepared in 2005 and 2006 to have accepted and put into schedule.

AGER 6900
Ethics and Aging AGER 6900 , Maymester 2007.

COMS 4610
Society and Environment Class Dallas, COMS 4610 Spring 2006. Fall 2006, Fall 2007. Iftekhar Amin, Instructor, Now Ingman one Lecture per year. Initially jointly taught .

Environment and Society COMS 4610 , Summer II.-2006, 2005 Denton, Joint Teaching with Iftekhar Amin, Doctoral Student in Sociology. Mr Amin is instructor on Record.

Currently: Applied Gerontology: , Melissa McClung, Amy Gray, Heather Anceheta, Yvonne Lozano, Adrienne Jackson., Kathy Dreyer, Amy Gray, David Comeau, Jennifer Severance. Education, Consuelo Ballom

Doctoral Committee Membership
Doctoral Committee Membership : Completed-Sociology: Sue August, Pat Nations, Rosalie Otters, Keith Whitworth; , Psychology: Amy O’Neill,

Doctoral Student Committee Supervised
Doctoral Student Committee Supervised : Chair: Jan Weaver-Sociology, PhD, 1996, Xiamei Pei- Sociology- 1997, Wilene Lensing, Ph.D, 1997, Billie Huff-Applied Gerontology, PhD, 2007

Co-Chair with Dr Ami Moore; Itekhar Amin, Sociology: Committee Member of Doctoral Committee: Jane Nunnelee., Graduated 2006; Applied Gerontology: Tonya Ponson, Lisa Phillips, Brenda Woodford, Ray MacDonald, Latrica Rhynes, Onyekachi Okora.

General Student Mentoring
General Student Mentoring : NSF Summer Student: Pedro “ Peter” Palacios, Senior - General Studies “ Exploring Public Disposition on Environmentalism” Summer of 2007.; Sudong Kang, Masters Degree- Proseminar- “Korean American Senior Lifestyle in Dallas Area.”, 2006.

Lectures in one classes each term in Dallas for the Applied Gerontology Undergraduate Certificate Program. (Fall and Spring), 2004, 2005, 2006 in Dallas: Introduction to Aging, Case Management, Sexuality in Aging, and Federal, State and Local Programs in Aging. Dr. Maudia Gentry is the Instructor. Recruitment to Graduate Programs at UNT-Denton one reason for Visits. Provided leadership to create program at Dallas Campus. Now some 20 " 30 students per class.

toggle toggle Memberships
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)OrganizationPositionClassification
 Gerontological Society of AmericaMemberProfessional Organizations
toggle toggle Honors and Recognitions
YearTitleHonoring Organization
2008Honored ProfessorStudent Government Association, UNT
2008Advisor of the YearStudent Government Association, UNT
2000Rotary International Faculty Exchange AwardGuadalajara, Mexico
2000Hiram J. Friedsam Award for Distinguished Service Faculty ServiceSchool of Community Service
1997Outstanding Professional AwardSouthwest Society on Aging
1986-1987PEW, Health Policy FellowUniversity of California, San Francisco
1966-1969United States Public Health Service Fellowship (Sociology)Fellow-SRPP Section-Gerontological Society
 Development Certificate in AgingUNT Dallas
toggle toggle Professional Community Engagement
YearOrganizationRoleType of Service
2008Organized Continuation Education Certificate in Applied Gerontology in MexicoOrganizerOrganizer
2007“Creating Green Communities”OrganizerOrganizer
2007China Aging Development Foundations, Ministry of Civil AffairsCoordinatorCoordinated Relationship with China
2005: Professor Carroll Estes, UCSF, SpeakerCo-OrganizerAging Forum
2005College of Public Affairs and Community ServiceOrganizerCommittee on Research Day
2005“High Performance Green Building: The Future of Affordable Housing"OrganizerOrganizer
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