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Ruth West
Associate Professor-College of Information, Associate Professor-College of Visual Arts and Design, Associate Professor-College of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor-College of Engineering
Email  Ruth.West@unt.edu    Website Website   
Keywords Art-Science, New Media, Information Science, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Visualization, Immersive Systems, Mobile Media   
Graduate Faculty Membership Status: Yes   
toggle toggle  Professional Preparation
 Degree Major/Thesis/Dissertation Institution Year
MFA Design|Media Arts University of California, Los Angeles 2002
MA Clinical Psychology Antioch University, Los Angeles, California 1990
BS Microbiology University of California, Los Angeles 1983
toggle toggle Appointments
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)RankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2013-PresentDirectorxREZ LaboratoryCOI/CVAD/CAS/COEUniversity of North Texas
2013-PresentAssociate Professor, Cluster Core FacultyLibrary and Information Science, New Media, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, iARTAColleges of Information, Visual Arts and Design, Arts and Sciences, and EngineeringUniversity of North Texas
2010-PresentStrategist, and Principal InvestigatorCalifornia Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) and the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) University of California, San Diego
2008-2010DirectorInteractive TechnologiesCenter for Embedded Networked SensingUniversity of California, Los Angeles
2004-2008DirectorVisual Analytics and Interactive TechnologiesNational Center for Microscopy and Imaging ResearchUniversity of California, San Diego
2004Information Architect/DesignerNCMIRNational Center for Microscopy and Imaging ResearchUniversity of California, San Diego
2002-2004LecturerDesign | Media Arts UCLA
2002-2003Teaching FellowHonors & Undergraduate Programs UCLA
2002Teaching FellowCollegium of University Teaching Fellows UCLA
2000-2001Teaching AssociateDesign | Media Arts UCLA
toggle toggle Publications
  Type  Publications per page   
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  YearPublication  Type
Challenges, Best Practices, and the Future of Transdisciplinary Collaboration in Media Art, Science and Technology.
73. West R, Malina R, Diamond S, Lapointe, FJ
Re-Create: Theories, Methods and Practices of Research-Creation in the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology
Abstracts and Proceedings
Embodied Information Behaviors, Mixed Reality and Big Data, Proc
SPIE 9392, The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2015 Paper 9392-13 [Peer-reviewed conference paper]
72. West R, Parola MJ*, Jaycen AR*, Lueg CP
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
When Experts Collide: Driving Cross-Cutting Innovation in Bio-Imaging & Informatics
Proc. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2015 [Peer-reviewed conference presentation]
71. Alpert CL., Liarakos CD., O’Neil-Dunne J., Punyasena SW., Winter J., Kner P., West, R., Burnett A., Rosa-Molinar E.,
Abstracts and Proceedings
A Guided Approach to Segmentation of Volumetric Data
ACM SIGGRAPH 2014 Posters (SIGGRAPH '14). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 53. DOI=10.1145/2614217.2614243
70. Holloway, M*, Grimm C, West R, Sowell R*.
Abstracts and Proceedings
69. Meta-Life. Biotechnologies, Synthetic Biology, ALife and the Arts
Editorial committee member and invited contributor
Leonardo eBook, MIT Press
Books Edited
toggle toggle Editorships
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)OrganizationPositionClassification
2005-2010Editorial Board, Journal of Biomedical Discovery and CollaborationEditor 
toggle toggle Performances
2003Muddy RobeUCLA Fowler MuseumInvited Performance
toggle toggle Exhibitions
2013Social Science - rePhoto Perot MuseumExhibition
2013Social Science - ATLAS in silico Perot MuseumExhibition
2013High-Dimensional Calligraphic Visualization of DNA and Protein Sequences. ACM / Eurographics EXPRESSIVE, Anaheim CAVisual Showcase
2012Algorithmic Objects from ATLAS in silico “Out of the Box” Mobile Augmented Reality Art Exhibition, San FranciscoExhibition
2009“…a grain of sand turns the balance.” UCDarnet Scalable Relations Exhibition, UC Santa Barbara, curated by Christiane PaulInvited Exhibition
2009ATLAS in silico FILE - Sao Paolo BrazilInvited exhibition / Interactive installation
2009Multiscale Meta Shape Grammar Objects Visualizing Global Ocean Sampling Expedition Metagenomics Sequences. ACM SIGGRAPH / 36th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, New OrleansPeer reviewed exhibition and conference abstract
2008ATLAS in silico Ingenuity Festival ClevelandInvited exhibition / Interactive installation
2008PEIR: Personal Environmental Impact Report. WIRED NextFest 2008, Millennium Park, ChicagoInvited exhibition
2007ATLAS in silico ACM SIGGRAPH 2007 Art Gallery,Invited exhibition / Interactive installation
2006ACTG to Calligraphy: Genetic Visualization for Ecce Homology IEEE Information VisualizationPeer reviewed exhibition/Conference presentation
2005Ecce Homology SIGGRAPH 2005, Emerging TechnologiesPeer reviewed exhibition/Interactive installation
2003Ecce Homology From the Verandah: Art, Buddhism, Presence. UCLA Fowler MuseumInvited Exhibition/Interactive installation
2002The Trajectory of Forgetting MFA Exhibition. UCLA New Wight Gallery, Los AngelesInteractive installation
2002Stars Time Forms Exhibition. CRCA @ UCSD La Jolla, CaliforniaInteractive Installatin / Group exhibition
2001Twelve Blue Los Angeles, CaliforniaCommissioned private installation
2001Light A Contemporary Portrayal of Women: Different Mediums, UCLA Honors CollegiumVideo Installation - Single Chanel /Group Exhibition
2001time^n = inspiration^2 Los Angeles, Weimar, SydneyNet Artwork / FUSION01 / Group exhibition
2000The Gift Santa Barbara, CaliforniaCommissioned private installation
1999  20th Anniversary, Group Exhibition - The Rose, Venice, CaliforniaInvited exhibition
1998Seeing as Touch The Rose, Venice, CaliforniaInvited exhibition
toggle toggle Lectures/Symposia
2015One Antarctic Night: Concepts and CreationInvited Presenter2015 International Collaboration Meeting on Antarctic Telescopes (AST8), Hong Kong
2015Cultivating New ways of Seeing, Knowing and ExperiencingInvited PresenterATX Laser, Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum, Austin TX
2015Art-Science Experts PanelInvited SpeakerHumana Festival of New American Plays
2014DataRemix: Have we all become information DJs?Invited LectureUniversity of Tasmania
2014From Genetic Calligraphy to Scalable Auditory Data SignaturesInvited LectureUniversity of Technology Sydney
2014Art-Science: Practice as ResearchInvited LectureUniversity of Western Australia
2014DataRemix: Have we all become information DJs?Invited LectureData Hackathon, Microsoft Technology Center
2014Rethinking Imagination, Innovation, KnowledgeDistinguished LectureATLAS Institute, University of Colorado-Boulder
2014DataRemix: Have we all become information DJs?Plenary SpeakerVINCI: 7th International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction
2014Cross-Resonance in the Arts and SciencesInvited LecturePlaces and Spaces 10th Anniversary Exhibition University of Miami, Florida.
2013ArtScience Research and Creative WorkInvited PresenterSEAD, Smithsonian, Washington, DC
2013Art, Science and ImmersionInvited PresenterBig Tent Digital Humanities Event, UNT
2013ArtScience and Data-Driven ExperiencesInvited PresesnterUT Dallas ARS Research Colloquium
2013Multidimenstional Data-Spaces to Personal Data Streams: ArtScience and Data-Driven ExperiencesInvited PresenterPlenary Keynote, iSchool Conference, 2013
2013From Genetic Calligraphy to Scalable Auditory Data SignaturesInvited PresenterTexas Advanced Computing Center
2013Aesthetic Approaches to Multidimensional DataInvited PresenterMicrosoft Research Summitt/ UW Seattle WA
2013ArtScience ResearchInvited PresenterNew Media Graduate Seminar, UNT CVAD
2013ArtScience and Aesthetic Approaches to Multidimensional DataInvited PresenterSeminar, UNT Computer Science
2013ArtScience and Data-Driven ExperiencesInvited PresenterOregon State University
201312. Designing the DataMadeInvited PresenterDallas Contemporary Arts
2013ArtScience: Rethinking Imagination, Innovation, KnowledgeInvited PresenterUNT System Building Open House & Ribbon Cutting, Dallas TX
2012Crisis of Representation: The Digitization of Nature and CultureInvited talkUniversity of North Texas
2012Mobile + CO2 + U =?Invited talkSANDCHI, San Diego CHI
2011Art-Science: What does it look like?Invited lectureInterdisciplinary Computing and the Arts, UCSD.
2011Art-Science exhibitionJurorEscondido Municipal Art Gallery
2010Sensate AbstractionInvited talkSchool of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver BC.
2010Innovations in Biological Imaging and Visualization Ideas LabInvited participantNSF
2010Information Integration and InformaticsInvited participantNSF
2009PEIR, The Personal Environmental Impact Report, and Go Green Foundation PilotInvited talkSCAQMD Conference - New Perspectives on Community Health and Air Quality
2009From Data Abstraction To Sensate AbstractionInvited lectureMedia Arts and Technology, UC Santa Barbara
2009Data Expressionism and Data SurrealismInvited lecture and graduate studio visitsVisual Arts Department, California State University Long Beach
2009Massive Multidimensional Data Spaces to Personal Data StreamsInvited lectureCollege of Informatics, Northern Kentucky University
2008Extreme Scales and Multi-Resonance. Remix: From Science to Art and Back in the Digital AgePresenterThe Berkeley New Media Arts Festival and Berkeley Big Bang 2008
2008Sensate AbstractionInvited lectureUSC Cinematic Arts and Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies
2008The Future of HCI for 21st Century DiscoveryInvited participantNSF
2007Enabling Scientific Discovery Through VisualizationInvited participantNSF
2007Image2Meaning WorkshopInvited participantMIT/Apple Computer
2006Science: What’s Art Got To Do With It?Invited LectureIndiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN
2005Blending Art and ScienceInvited LectureUniversity of California, San Diego
2005High-Dimensional Information VisualizationInvited LectureUniversity of California, San Diego
2004In silico v1.0: Ecce HomologyInvited lectureUniversity of California, San Diego
2004In silico v1: Ecce HomologyInvited LectureThe Department of Art Practice, UC Berkeley, UC Darnet Conference
2004Cyberspace: A Workshop on Playing, Gaming and LearningInvited LectureUniversity of California, Los Angeles
2003Informatics Tools for Scientific Discovery and CollaborationInvited lectureUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
2003Carbon Versus Silicon: Thinking Small/ Thinking FastInvited lectureBanff New Media Institute, The Banff Center
2003Working with WetwareInvited lectureDarwin Centre, Natural History Museum, London.UK
2002In Our Image: Extreme GeneticsPresenter and panel moderatorRhizome.LA
2002Genetics and CulturePanel Respondents.i.n.a.p.s.e. & UCLA Design|Media Arts
2002 Graduate Commencement SpeakerUCLA School of the Arts & Architecture
toggle toggle  News
Works featured in: Invisible Vision: Could Science learn from the Arts?
Wildevuur SE., Houten: Springer, 2009.

Seeing Science: Sensational Sequences
Web Link
Kristin Sainani, Biomedical Computation Review, Fall 2008

Computer Graphics Spills From Milk To Medicine
Web Link
ATLAS in silico featured in an article about SIGGRAPH 2007

Works featured in: Featured in: Art and Electronic Media (Themes and Movements Series)
Edited by Edward A. Shanken, Phaidon Press,
United Kingdom

Works featured in: Art and Biotechnologies (2nd Edition)
Edited by Ernestine Daubner and Louse Poissant, Groupe De Recherche En Arts Médiatiques (GRAM), Université du Québec à Montréal Press

Art That’s A BLAST
Katharine Miller, Biomedical Computation Review - Stanford, CA, USA, Fall 2005 Vol. 1(2)

Quoted in article: Llegan Los Artistas del Laboratorio
Eusebio Val, La Vanguardia, Spain, August 16, 2005

Genetic Calligraphy
Web Link
- New York, USA

Article about: Ecce Homology
:: New Media Magazine, Vol.13, September 6, 2005

Blending The Human Genome With Art
Web Link
Stefanie Olsen, CNET News.com and NYTimes.com, July 27, 2005

Quoted in article: The Artists in the Hazmat Suits
Randy Kennedy, New York Times, Arts and Leisure, July 3, 2005

Radio show guest: Transgenic Art
Web Link
show guest on NPR’s “The Connection”, February 26, 2004

Genomic Pictograms
Web Link
Birgit Reinert, The Genome News Network, November 26, 2003

Tracing Out a Scientific Discovery
Harold Lee, The Daily Bruin, (front page story), November 10, 2003

Skinny Dipping in the Gene Pool
Web Link
Birgit Reinert, The Genome News Network, April 4, 2003

Scientists Create Bonds With Artists
J. Felton and Rachel A. Petkewich, Analytical Chemistry Journal, April 1, 2003

Quoted in article: Quand la génétique devient un outil artistique
Ritoux, La Presse, Actuel, Vendredi 21 Février 2003, p. B1

Featured in: Media Arts @ Science: Towards a Collaborative Culture
Martin, UCLA Arts & Architecture, Volume 6 No. 1, Fall 2002.

Bioscience Moves into Galleries as Bioart
Hal Cohen, The Scientist, November 11, 2002.

Artists Map the Human Genome
Charlene Roth, Artweek, V. 33 No. 8, October 2002.

Digital Arts: The Evolution of A Discipline
Fernando Quintero, UC TltC, March 2002

toggle toggle External Funding
 Performance PeriodTitleSponsorFundingRoleStatus
2013-2016CGV: Medium: Collaborative Research: Developing  conceptual  models  for navigation,  marking,  and  inspection  in  the  context  of 3D image segmentaionNational Science Foundation$296,271Principal InvestigatorActive
2010-2014NSF RI Large Collaborative Research: ImageQuest: Citizens Advancing Biology with Calibrated Imaging and Validated AnalysisNational Science Foundation1,200,000Principal InvestigatorActive
2012 University of California Institute for Research in the ArtsGrant awardedOtherActive
2007-2011Ontology-based multiscale investigation of human neurological disease modelsNIH/NINDS R01$551,424OtherCompleted
2008-2010Metadata Driven Approach to Discovery-Oriented Exploraiton of Massive Data SetsNational Science Foundation$101,457Principal InvestigatorActive
2009 VIDIA University Professor Partnership OtherActive
2008Sponsorship for ATLASDa-Lite Screen Company OtherActive
2008Sponsorship for ATLASIngenuity Festival Cleveland OtherActive
2007Sponsorship for ATLASCAMERA OtherActive
2007Sponsorship for ATLASCalit2 OtherActive
2007Sponsorship for ATLASMeyer Sound Laboratories OtherActive
2007Sponsorship for ATLASActivMotif OtherActive
2005 University of California Institute for Research in the ArtsGrant awardedOtherCompleted
2003 Nominee - The Program for Media Artists/Rockefeller Foundation Media Arts Fellowship OtherActive
2001 Clifton Webb Fine Arts Scholarship, University of California, Los Angeles OtherActive
2001 Hortense Fishbaugh Scholarship, UCLA Affiliates, University of California, Los Angeles OtherActive
2001 Collegium of University Teaching Fellows, University of California, Los Angeles OtherActive
2000 Academic Fellowship, University of California, Los Angeles, Graduate Division OtherActive
toggle toggle Consulting Activities
 Performance Period (YYYY - YYYY or Present)*Company/OrganizationRoleFundingWork Performed
2011Recoding-Innovation: NSF sponsored documentary productionOther Creative and Scientific Consultant - Creative and scientific consulting for documentary production exploring the relationship between creativity and ethics in scientific discovery and innovation.
2005-2008Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NSF sponsoredOther Advisor
2007Maryland Science Center, Cellular Universe Exhibit (NCRR/SEPA/NIH sponsored)Other Advisor
1998-2000City of Hope; LA Care; CSHS; Los Angeles, CaliforniaOther Accreditation Consultant
1997-1998Cedars Sinai Medical Network ServicesOther Operations Development Manager
1991-1997Cedars Sinai Health SystemOther Service Line Manager
toggle toggle Peer Reviewer Activities
YearAgency/OrganizationField of Expertise
2012DNA of Creativity, San Diego Visual Artists NetworkJuror / Art-Science
2011Escondido Municipal Art GalleryJuror / Art-Science
2009Escondido Municipal Art GalleryJuror / Art-Science
2008National Science FoundationCISE IIS
2007 Engineering With Computers, Special Issue: Computational Bioengineering
2006ACM SIGGRAPHArt Gallery
2006ACM SIGGRAPHSketches Program
2005ACM SIGGRAPHReviewer / Art Gallery
2003Technology and the Arts, United KingdomNational Endowment for Science
toggle toggle Teaching
Courses Designed/Taught
- Genetics and Culture: From Molecular Music to Transgenic Art.
- Biotechnology and Society (Molecular Biology Laboratory).
- Dynamic Web.
- Cross-cultural communication training for physicians, nurses, EMTs and other clinicians.

toggle toggle Committees
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)CommitteePositionClassification
2007-2008Calit2 Art Gallery CommitteeMemeber 
2005Art Gallery Committee / ACM SIGGRAPHMember 
2004Art Gallery Committee / ACM SIGGRAPHMember 
toggle toggle Honors and Recognitions
YearTitleHonoring Organization
2012-Artist-in-ResidenceLos Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia (SARC Residency)
2005Innovator-in-ResidenceUCSD Sixth College: Culture, Art and Technology
2005 Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada, co-production- Awarded but declined
2002Graduate Recognition AwardUCLA School of the Arts & Architecture
2001Maddie Katz Adopt-A-Scholar AwardUniversity of California, Los Angeles
1998CSHS Leadership and Creativity AwardCSHS
1996President's Award for ExcellenceCedars Sinai Health System
1996Ernst & Young National BenchmarkCSHS Interpreter Services
toggle toggle Biographical Sketch
Ruth West
West is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher working with emerging
technologies. She envisions a future in which art-science integration allows us
to open new portals of imagination, knowledge and communication across cultures
and create solutions for our most pressing global problems. She explores
avenues for achieving works with multiple entry points that can exist
concurrently as aesthetic experiences, artistic practice or cultural
interventions and serve as the basis for artistically-impelled scientific
inquiry and tools. Ruth’s background spans new media, genetics, information aesthetics,
scientific visualization, immersive environments, augmented reality,
psychology, neuroscience, and participatory mobile and social technologies. Her
work has received both grant and industry sponsorship and has been presented or
featured in SIGGRAPH, WIRED Magazine’s NextFest, UCLA Fowler Museum, CAA,
Ingenuity Festival Cleveland, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, FILE 09 Sao
Paulo, IEEE VR, Mobisys, SPIE, IEEE ICIP, the American Journal of Human
Genetics, Genomics, Leonardo, LEA, Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences, NPR's The Connection, NY Times, Genome News Network, AMINIMA and

toggle toggle Additional Information
Bi-Lingual: Spanish

Prior member of American College of Healthcare Executives

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