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 Contact Information
Elias Kougianos
Associate Professor-Engineering Technology
Contact address   3940 N. Elm St., Suite F115, UNT Discovery Park, Denton, TX 76207-7102     
Email  eliask@unt.edu    Contact Number (940) 891-6708   
Graduate Faculty Membership Status: Full Membership -Permanent   
toggle toggle  Professional Preparation
 Degree Major/Thesis/Dissertation Institution Year
Doctor of Philosophy Electrical Engineering Louisiana State University 1997
Master of Science Physics Louisiana State University 1988
Master of Science Electrical Engineering Louisiana State University 1987
Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Patras, Greece 1985
toggle toggle Courses Taught By Semester --- Organized Classes will be uploaded from THECB Data file
SemesterSubjectCourse NumberSectionCourse NameCalculated Semester Credit HoursSyllabus 
Fall 2015ELET4780001Senior Design I Download Syllabus
Fall 2015ELET4300001Embedded System Organization Download Syllabus
Spring 2015ELET4790001Senior Design II Download Syllabus
Fall 2014ELET4780001Senior Design I Download Syllabus
Spring 2014ELET4790001Senior Design II Download Syllabus
Fall 2013ELET4780001Senior Design I Download Syllabus
Fall 2013ELET3750001Embedded C-Programming Download Syllabus
Spring 2013ELET4790001Senior Design II Download Syllabus
Fall 2012ELET4780001Senior Design I Download Syllabus
Fall 2012ELET3750001Digital Systems Download Syllabus
Spring 2012ELET4790001Senior Design II Download Syllabus
Spring 2011ENGR2750001Introduction to Microprocessors Download Syllabus
Spring 2010MSES5300001Embedded Controllers36Download Syllabus
Spring 2010ELET4790001Senior Design II14Download Syllabus
Fall 2011MSES5800003Studies in Engineering Systems  
Fall 2011MSES5340001Digital Logic Design Techniques  
Fall 2011ELET4780001Senior Design I Download Syllabus
Fall 2011ELET3750001Digital Systems Download Syllabus
Fall 2010MSES5020001Design of Experiments75Download Syllabus
Fall 2010ELET4780001Senior Design I Download Syllabus
Fall 2010ELET3750001Digital Systems Download Syllabus
Fall 2009MSES5020001Design of Experiments84 
Fall 2009ELET4780001Senior Design I0 
Fall 2009ELET3750001Digital Systems44 
toggle toggle  Research and Expertise
Analog/Mixed-Signal and RF IC design
Design automation and simulation with applications to multimedia and security
toggle toggle Appointments
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)RankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2010-PresentAssociate ProfessorEngineering TechnologyEngineeringUniversity of North Texas
2004-2010Assistant ProfessorEngineering TechnologyEngineeringUniversity of North texas
2000-2004Technical Leader, Custom Analog/Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits  Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
1999-2000Sr. Applications Engineer  Avant! Corporation
1998-1999Assistant Professor  Devry Institute of Technology
1989-1998Member Technical Staff - Research  TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, INC.
1988-1989Applications Development Engineer  COMPUTER VENTURES, INC.
toggle toggle Faculty Workload
Duration (YYYY - YYYY)Percentage TeachingPercentage ResearchPercentage Service
toggle toggle Publications
  Type  Publications per page   
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  YearPublication  Type
Geostatistics Inspired Fast Layout Optimization of a Nanoscale CMOS Phase Locked Loop O. Okobiah, S. P. Mohanty, and E. Kougianos 14th IEEE International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED) 2013, pp. 562 -567, 2013. Related Links: http://www.cse.unt.edu/~smohanty/Publications_Conferences/2012/Mohanty_ISVLSI2012_Stochastic.pdf
Conference paper
iVAMS: Intelligent Metamodel-Integrated Verilog-AMS for Circuit-Accurate System-Level Mixed-Signal Design Exploration G. Zheng, S. P. Mohanty, E. Kougianos, and O. Okobiah 24th IEEE International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (ASAP) 2013, pp. 75 â€" 78, 2013
Conference paper
Polynomial Metamodel Integrated Verilog-AMS for Memristor-Based Mixed-Signal System Design G. Zheng, S. P. Mohanty, E. Kougianos, and O. Okobiah 56th IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits & Systems (MWSCAS) 2013, accepted 5/11/2013 Related Links: http://www.cse.unt.edu/~smohanty/Publications_Conferences/2012/Mohanty_ISVLSI2012_OPAMP.pdf
Conference paper
Fast Statistical Process Variation Analysis Using Universal Kriging Metamodeling O. Okobiah, S. P. Mohanty, and E. Kougianos 56th IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits & Systems (MWSCAS) 2013, accepted 5/11/2013
Conference paper
Variability-Aware Architecture Level Optimization Techniques for Robust Nanoscale Chip Design S. P. Mohanty, M. Gomathisankaran, and E. Kougianos Elsevier International Journal on Computers and Electrical Engineering (IJCEE) , in press (accepted 2/20/2013)
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
toggle toggle External Funding
 Performance PeriodTitleSponsorFundingRoleStatus
2010-2013Introduction of Nanoelectronics Courses in Undergraduate Computer Science and Computer Engineering CurriculaNSF$180,000Co-PIActive
2009-2012Fast PVT Tolerant Physical Design of RF IC ComponentsSRC/TxACE$105,000Co-PICompleted
2009-2012Infrastructure Acquisition for Statistical Power, Leakage, and Timing Modeling Towards Realization of Robust Complex NanoelectronicNSF$250,000Co-PICompleted
2007-2010A Comprehensive Methodology for Early Power-Performance Estimation of Nano-CMOS Digital SystemsNSF$200,000Co-PICompleted
2008-2009Nanoelectronics Unified Fault Modeling and Experimentation - From Devices to SystemsUNT$24,000Co-PICompleted
2006-2007Behavioral Tools and Methodologies for Nanotechnology Design AutomationUNT$5,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2006Stochastic Techniques for the Characterization of VLSI InterconnectsUNT$5,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2005-2006The SPICE Modernization ProjectIEEE/ACM$24,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2004-2005Development of Efficient Methodologies and Tools for Analog, Mixed-Signal and RF IC DesignCadence$50,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
toggle toggle Teaching
ECET 350 Digital Signal Processing (+ Lab)/Undergraduate/DeVry

ECET 360 Operating Systems and Interfacing (+ Lab)/Undergraduate/DeVry

ECET 425 Broadband Communications (+ Lab)/Undergraduate/DeVry

ECET 430 Advanced Digital Signal Processing (+ Lab)/Undergraduate/DeVry

ELET 2750 Introduction to Microcontrollers (+ Lab)/Undergraduate/UNT

ELET 3750 Advanced Digital Systems (+ Lab)/Undergraduate/UNT

ELET 3970 Electronic Devices and Controls/Undergraduate/UNT

ELET 4730 Analog/Mixed Signal Electronics (+ Lab)/Undergraduate/UNT

ELET 5020 Analog/Mixed-Signal Design (+ Lab)/Graduate/UNT

ELET 5300 Embedded Systems (+ Lab)/Graduate/UNT

MSET 5020 Design of Experiments/Graduate/UNT

MSET 5130 Quality Control/Graduate/UNT

toggle toggle Mentoring/Advising
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)Student NameClassificationTypeProject/Thesis/Dissertation
2011-PresentG. ZhengDoctor of Philosophy/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingApplications of Metamodeling in Ultra-Fast Behavioral Modeling for Analog/Mixed Signal Design and Verification
2010-PresentO. OghenekarhoDoctor of Philosophy/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingExploring Process-Variation Tolerant Memory Design
2011-2012G. CoelhoMaster of Science/Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingAutonomous Quadricopter Design
2010-2012O. GariltselovDoctor of Philosophy/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingDesign and Analysis of Computer Experiments for NanoCMOS AMS/RF IC Yield Optimization
2009-2010I. ZarateMaster of Science/Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingFPGA Architectures for Audio Watermarking
2009-2010G. ThakralDoctor of Philosophy/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingOptimal NanoCMOS Memory Design
2009-2010O. OghenekarhoMaster of Science/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingYield Optimization of Low-Power nano-CMOS Static Random-Access Memories
2009R. RastogiMaster of Science/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingEfficient Design of Low-Power nano-CMOS Static Random-Access Memories
2009S. RangoonwalaMaster of Science/Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingMicrocontroller Soft Cores for FPGA Applications
2008-2009D. V. GhaiDoctor of Philosophy/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingDesign of 45 nm High Performance CMOS A/D Converters
2008A. MendozaMaster of Science/Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingHardware-Software Co-Design of a JPEG2000 Watermarking Encoder
2008S. NaraharisettiMaster of Science/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingRegion-Aware DCT Domain Invisible Robust Blind Watermarking for Color Images
2008S. TarigopulaMaster of Science/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingA CAM Based High-Performance Classifier-Scheduler for a Video Network Processor
2007A. K. AleMaster of Science/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingComparison and Evaluation of Existing Analog Circuit Simulators Using a Sigma-Delta Modulator
2007W. CaiMaster of Science/Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingFPGA Prototyping and VLSI Architecture of an MPEG4 Watermarking Algorithm
2007S. VadlamudiMaster of Science/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingA nano-CMOS Based Universal Voltage Level Converter for Multi-VDD SoC
2006A. PalakodetyMaster of Science/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingCMOS Active Pixel Sensors for Digital Cameras: Current State-of-the-Art
2006R. VelagapudiMaster of Science/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingModeling and Reduction of Gate Leakage During Behavioral Synthesis of Nanoscale CMOS Circuits
2006V. MukherjeeMaster of Science/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingA Dual Dielectric Approach for Performance Aware Reduction of Gate Leakage in Combinational Circuits
2006G. SarivisettiMaster of Science/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingDesign and Optimization of Components in a 45 nm Phase Locked Loop
2006O. B. AdamoMaster of Science/Co-Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingVLSI Architecture and FPGA Prototyping of a Secure Digital Camera for Biometric Applications
2005H. LiddarMaster of Science/Major AdvisorGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingPhotocurrent Spectroscopy and Photoluminescence of Hybrid Molecular Based Optoelectronic Devices.
toggle toggle Committees
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)CommitteePositionClassification
2012-PresentEngineering Technology PACChair 
2010-PresentEngineering Technology PACMember 
2010-PresentCollege of Engineering Faculty CouncilMember 
2011-2012ETEC Strategic Plan CommitteeMember 
2010-2012Mechanical and Energy Engineering PACMember 
toggle toggle Honors and Recognitions
YearTitleHonoring Organization
200542nd Design Automation Conference (DAC) Fellowship Award 
1999Ron Taylor Award for excellence in teachingDeVry University
toggle toggle Professional Community Engagement
YearOrganizationRoleType of Service
2010IEEE International Symposium on Electronic System DesignAnalog/Mixed-Signal Track Chair 
2010IEEE International Symposium on Electronic System DesignWeb Chair 
2009IEEE International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT)Publicity Chair 
2006“Application-Specific Hardware and Software Systems” track, IEEE International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT)Program committee chair 
 IEEESenior Member 
 American Physical SocietyMember 
 IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and SecurityReviewer 
 IEEE Transactions on VLSI DesignReviewer 
 IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided DesignReviewer 
 IEEE Transactions on NanotechnologyReviewer 
 Microelectronics JournalReviewer 
 Semiconductor Science and TechnologyReviewer 
 Design Automation ConferenceReviewer 
 IEEE International Conference on Information TechnologyReviewer 
 VLSI Design ConferenceReviewer 
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