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 Steven J. Wolverton
 Contact Information
Steven J. Wolverton
Associate Professor-Geography
Contact address   Department of Geography, Institute of Applied Science, University of North Texas, Denton, TX 76203-5279     
Email    Contact Number (940) 565 - 4987   
Graduate Faculty Membership Status: Full Membership-Permanent   
toggle toggle Professional Preparation
 Doctor of PhilosophyEnvironmental Science/ A Paleozoological Perspective on Predator Extermination and White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus Boddaert) Overabundance in Central TexasUniversity of North Texas2007
 Doctor of PhilosophyAnthropology/The Ecological Implications of Zooarchaeological Measures of Resource DepressionUniversity of Missouri2001
 Master of ArtsAnthropology/Morphometry and Taphonomy of the Lawson Cave UrsidsUniversity of Missouri1996
 Bachelor of ArtsAnthropology with honors (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa)/The World-wide Distribution of the Thrifty GenotypeArizona State University1994
toggle toggle Courses Taught By Semester --- Organized Classes will be uploaded from THECB Data file
SemesterSubjectCourse NumberSectionCourse NameCalculated Semester Credit HoursSyllabus 
Spring 2014GEOG3190001Statistical Research Methods in Geography Download Syllabus
Spring 2014GEOG3190002Statistical Research Methods in Geography Download Syllabus
Fall 2013ARCH4620019Topics in Archaeology Download Syllabus
Fall 2013GEOG3190001Statistical Research Methods in Geography Download Syllabus
Fall 2013ARCH5620001Topics in Archaeology Download Syllabus
Fall 2013BIOL5030001Foundations Env. Sci.  
Spring 2013GEOG1710005Earth Science Download Syllabus
Fall 2012GEOG1710003Earth Science Download Syllabus
Fall 2012GEOG3190001Statistical Research Methods in Geography Download Syllabus
Fall 2012GEOG3190002Statistical Research Methods in Geography Download Syllabus
Fall 2012BIOL5030001Foundations Env. Sci.  
Spring 2012ANTH4850018Topics in Archaeology Download Syllabus
Spring 2012ARCH4620010Topics in Archaeology Download Syllabus
Spring 2012GEOG1710004Earth Science Download Syllabus
Spring 2012GEOG5620010Topics in Archaeology  
Fall 2011BIOL5030001Foundations of Environmental Science  
Fall 2011BIOL5040007Contemporary Topics in Environmental Science  
Fall 2011GEOG3190001Quantitative Methods in Geography Download Syllabus
Fall 2011GEOG3190002Quantitative Methods in Geography Download Syllabus
Spring 2011ANTH4850018Southwestern Archaeology Download Syllabus
Spring 2011ARCH4620018Southwestern Archaeology Download Syllabus
Spring 2011GEOG1710004Earth Science Download Syllabus
Fall 2010ANTH4850019Human Ecology & Environmental Archaeology Download Syllabus
Fall 2010ARCH4620019Human Ecology & Environmental Archaeology Download Syllabus
Fall 2010ARCH5620019Human Ecology & Environmental Archaeology6Download Syllabus
Fall 2010GEOG3190001Quantitative Methods in Geography Download Syllabus
Fall 2010GEOG3190002Quantitative Methods in Geography Download Syllabus
Spring 2010ANTH4620018Southwestern Arch57Download Syllabus
Spring 2010ARCH4620018Southwestern Arch24Download Syllabus
Spring 2010GEOG3190001Quantitative Methods in Geography39Download Syllabus
Spring 2010GEOG3190002Quantitative Methods in Geography42Download Syllabus
Fall 2009ARCH4620011Zooarchaeology12Download Syllabus
Fall 2009ARCH5620011Zooarchaeology15Download Syllabus
Fall 2009GEOG3190001Quantitative Methods in Geography60Download Syllabus
Fall 2009GEOG3190002Quantitative Methods in Geography54Download Syllabus
toggle toggle Research and Expertise
Application of methods in analytical chemistry to archaeology.

Methods of archaeofaunal analysis including prey morphometry and mortality, utility and transport, and taphonomy

North American archaeology

The ecology and paleoecology of North America

The role of paleozoology in conservation biology

toggle toggle Appointments
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)RankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2012-presentAssociate ProfessorGeography University of North Texas
2007-2012Assistant ProfessorGeography University of North Texas
2007Research Assistant ProfessorGeography University of North Texas
2004-2006Teaching FellowGeography University of North Texas
2003-2004Acting Museum DirectorMuseum of Anthropology Northern Kentucky University
2003-2004LecturerDepartment of Sociology, Anthropology, & Philosophy Northern Kentucky University
2001-2003Visiting Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Anthropology Grand Valley State University
2001Adjunct InstructorDepartment of Sociology & Anthropology Westminster College
2001Co-facilitator Freshman Interest Group Program, College of Arts and ScienceUniversity of Missouri
2000InstructorDepartment of Anthropology University of Missouri
1998-1999Research AssistantDepartment of Anthropology University of Missouri
1997-1998Teaching AssistantDepartment of Anthropology University of Missouri
1996Peer Advisor Freshman Interest Group Program, College of Arts and ScienceUniversity of Missouri
1995Teaching AssistantDepartment of Anthropology University of Missouri
toggle toggle Faculty Workload
Duration (YYYY - YYYY)Percentage TeachingPercentage ResearchPercentage Service
toggle toggle Publications
  Type  Publications per page   1  2 3 4 5 6 7 
  YearPublication  Type
“TNR and Conservation on a University Campus: A Political Ecological Perspective” PeerJ 2:e312; DOI 10.7717/peerj.312.
Dombrosky, J. and Wolverton, S.
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
“Ethnobiology, Political Ecology and Conservation”  Journal of Ethnobiology 34
Wolverton, S., Nolan, J. M., and Ahmed, W.
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
“Ethnobiology 5: Interdisciplinarity in an Era of Rapid Environmental Change.” Ethnobiology Letters
Wolverton, S
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
“Data Quality in Zooarchaeological Faunal Analysis.” Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.
Wolverton, S.
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
“An Optimized Approach for Protein Residue Extraction and Identification from Ceramic After Cooking.”  Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.
Barker, A., Venables, B., Stevens, S. M., Jr., Seeley, K. W., Wang, P., and Wolverton, S.
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
toggle toggle Editorships
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)OrganizationPositionClassification
2010-presentEthnobiology LettersCo-Editor in Chief 
2008-presentNational Science FoundationAd hoc reviewerProposal reviews
2010Estonian Academy of ScienceAd hoc reviewerProposal review
 Before FarmingAd hoc reviewerManuscript reviews
 Journal of Middle Atlantic ArchaeologyAd hoc reviewerManuscript reviews
 Journal of Island and Coastal ArchaeologyAd hoc reviewerManuscript reviews
 Journal of Archaeological ScienceAd hoc reviewerManuscript reviews
 American AntiquityAd hoc reviewerManuscript reviews
 Northwest ScienceAd hoc reviewerManuscript reviews
 International Journal of OsteoarchaeologyAd hoc reviewerManuscript reviews
 Quaternary InternationalAd hoc reviewerManuscript reviews
 Quaternary ResearchAd hoc reviewerManuscript reviews
 Southwestern NaturalistAd hoc reviewerManuscript reviews
 Journal of EthnobiologyAd hoc reviewerManuscript reviews
 Conservation BiologyAd hoc reviewerManuscript reviews
toggle toggle Lectures/Symposia
2014International Conference of ArchaeozoologyOrganizing Committee MemberInternational Council for Archaeozoology
2013Intedisciplinary Approaches to EthnobiologySession Co-Organizer & Chair36th Annual Meeting of the Society of Ethnobiology, Denton, TX
20132013 Ethnobiology ConferenceLead OrganizerSociety of Ethnobiology
2012Mesa Verde Stories: A Transdisciplinary Panel DiscussionCo-Organizer/PanelistUNT Denton
2012Mesa Verde Stories, Arts and Archaeology: A Presentation and ExhibitionCo-Organizer/PanelistUNT-Denton
2012Sharing Mesa Verde Stories: Transdisciplinary Collaboration in the FieldCo-Organizer/Panelist35th Annual Meeting of the Society of Ethnobiology, Denver, CO
2012Archaeological MethodsChair35th Annual Meeting of the Society of Ethnobiology, Denver, CO
2011Paleoecology and Historical EcologyChair34th Annual Meeting of the Society of Ethnobiology, Columbus, OH
2011International Ethnobiological and Ecological Perspectives on Environmental JusticeOrganizer & Chair34th Annual Meeting of the Society of Ethnobiology, Columbus, OH
2011Chemical Residue Analysis in Archaeology: Method Development and Residue DiagenesisCo-Organizer76th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Sacramento, CA
2011Geographical EcologyCo-OrganizerAmerican Association of Geographers, Southwest Divsion
2010Science, Life, and Politics: Tools for Legitimizing StoriesDiscussion Panel Co-Organizer33rd annual conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, Victoria, BC
2010Time, Space, & Form in Biological Conservation: Zooarchaeological Perspectives from Deep TimeSession Lead Organizer33rd annual conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, Victoria, BC
2009“White-tailed Deer Body Size: Time, Space, and Form.”Invited LectureAnnual Sean Webster Memorial Lecture, Department of Geography
2009“Innovations in Archaeological Methods.”Session Chair32nd annual conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, New Orleans, LA
2008“Models, Applications, and New Research Directives from SE Texas to SW Colorado.”Invited LectureCrow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado
2007“Applied Paleozoology of White-tailed Deer in Texas.”Invited LectureTexas State University, Department of Biology, San Marcos, Texas
2007“Two Major Extinction Events in Texas: A Disclosive View for Archaeology.”Invited LectureDallas Archaeological Society, Dallas, Texas
2006“The Dynamic Equilibrium Model and the Late Pleistocene Extinctions.”Invited LectureUniversity of North Texas, Department of Geography Research Seminar Series
2006“Cumulative Effects, Modern Human Impacts, & Extinctions in Texas.”Invited LectureTarrant County Archaeological Society, Fort Worth, Texas
2006“Natural traps, Bjorn Kurtén, and Analogy: Dangerously Close to Science.”Invited LectureUniversity of North Texas, Department of Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences Program, Denton, Texas
2005“Extinctions in Texas: Using Archaeology in Wildlife Conservation.”Invited LecturePlano Conservancy for Historic Preservation, Inc. and Geo-Marine, Inc., Plano, Texas
2005“Paleontological and Archaeological Animal Remains and Biological Conservation in Central Texas.”Invited LectureThe Nature Conservancy, Medina, Texas
2004“Taphonomy in Archaeology and Forensics.”Invited LectureDepartment of Anthropology, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana
2004“Climate Change and Human Predation during the Holocene in the Midwest.”Invited LectureCentral Ohio Valley Archaeological Society, Cincinnati, Ohio
2003“Prey Availability and Climate Change during the Holocene in the Midwest.”Invited LectureDepartment of Anthropology, Michigan State University, Lansing, Michigan
2003“Humans as Predators during the Holocene in the Central Midwest.”Invited LectureCoffenbury Chapter of the Michigan Archaeological Society and the AIA: West Michigan Society, Allendale, Michigan
2002“The Next Step Education through Archaeology Project: Investigations at 12Ma648, Marion County, Indiana.”ChairSymposium at the 2002 Midwest Archaeology Conference, Columbus, Ohio.
toggle toggle Presentations and Projects
  Presentations/Projects per page   1  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 
Start DateEnd DatePresentation/Project
 2013 “Crossing the Human-Environment Gradient: The Geography and Ecology of Plastic Pollution in Streams.” (E. Carpenter and S. Wolverton) paper presented at the 36th annual conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, Denton, TX (2013).
 2013 “Frontier Processes, Climate Change, and Puestero Culture in Western Argentina.” (M. Fry, S. Wolverton, and M. Giardina) paper presented at the 36th annual conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, Denton, TX (2013).
 2013 “The Ethnobiological Perspective.” (S. Wolverton, W. Ahmed, and J. Nolan) paper presented at the 36th annual conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, Denton, TX (2013).
 2012 “Resource Depression at the Eagle’s Ridge Site: Implications of the Behavioral Ecology of White-tailed Deer.” (S. Wolverton and L. Nagaoka) paper presented at the 35th annual conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, Denver, CO (2012).
 2011 Randklev, C. R., Lundeen, B. J., Skorupski, J., Kennedy, J. H., and Wolverton, S. (2011) “Toledo Bend Relicensing Project: Lower Sabine River Mussel Study.” Submitted to the Sabine River Authority.
toggle toggle External Funding
 Performance Period (YYYY - YYYY or Present)TitleSponsorFundingRoleStatus
2013-presentWater Security and Village Abandonment in the Mesa Verde RegionUNT Research Opportunities Grant7500Co-PIActive
2012-presentCultural Ecology, Environmental Archaeology, and GIS in Western Argentina 2UNT Charn Uswachoke International Development Fund Grant$7000Co-PICompleted
2012-presentCommunity Values Mapping in Mexico and North Texas and Evaluation of Payment for Hydrological Environmental Services in the Nevado de Toluca National Park, Mexico.UNT Joint UAEM-UNT Research Seed Funding Program$5000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2012-presentCultural Ecology, Environmental Archaeology, and GIS in Western Argentina 1UNT Research Opportunities Grant$10000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2011-presentExpanding Application of Proteomics-based Research in Archaeological Residue AnalysisNSF Archaeometry Technical Development Grant97,393Principal InvestigatorActive
2011-presentThe Mesa Verde StoryUNT Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity Funding6,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2010-2011Toledo Bend Relicensing Project: Lower Sabine River Mussel and Benthic Macroinvertebrate StudySabine River Authority74,852Co-PICompleted
2009-2011Digitization of the Freshwater Mussels of TexasInstitute of Museum and Library Sciences140,000Co-PICompleted
2009-2010Ecology of Lower Sabine Mussels and Benthic MacroinvertebratesSabine River Authority58,502Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2009-2010Mesa Verde Subsistence During Collapse at Goodman Point PuebloUNT Research Opportunities Grant7,500Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2008-2010Development and Application of Proteomics-based Research in Archaeological Residue AnalysisNSF Archaeometry Technical Development Grant60,273Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2008Geospatial & Temporal Variability in White-tailed Deer Body Size Relative to Habitat ProductivityUNT Junior Faculty Summer Research Fellowship5000OtherCompleted
2008Development and Application of Proteomics-based Methods in Archaeological ResearchUNTHSC – UNT Joint Institutional Seed Research Program Grant17,000Co-PICompleted
2008Extraction and Identification of Protein Residues from Archaeological PotteryUNT Research Initiation Grant5000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2006-2007Archaeological Mitigation at the Pecan Valley and Chambers Sites, Tarrant County, TXTarrant County Regional Water District176,000Co-PICompleted
2007Zooarchaeological Analysis of the 41TR170 Fauna: Tarrant County, TXGeo-Marine, Inc. Research Contract2400Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2007Research Contract. Zooarchaeological Analysis of Remains from Two Sites in Collin County, TX: 41COL172 and 41COL173Geo-Marine, Inc. Research Contract2200Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2006Zooarchaeological Analysis of Remains from 16BO475, Barksdale AFB, LAGeo-Marine, Inc. Research Contract330Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2006Zooarchaeological Analysis of Four Vertebrate Faunas from Bexar County, TX: 41BX254, 41BX256, 41BX1621, and 41BX1628Geo-Marine, Inc. Research Contract600Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2006Analysis and taphonomy of zooarchaeological remains from 41BX1623PI, Geo-Marine, Inc. Research Contract500Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2005Analysis of archaeofaunal remains from survey of historic Mission sites near San Antonio, TXGeo-Marine, Inc. Research Contract1500Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2004Analysis of archaeofaunas from five prehistoric sites in LouisianaGeo-Marine, Inc. Research Contract500Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2001University of Missouri Graduate Professional Council Student Travel Grant  OtherCompleted
2000Dissertation Improvement Grant: “Holocene Human Prey Acquisition in Central Missouri,”National Science Foundation10,000OtherCompleted
2000Travel GrantAmerican Quaternary Association OtherCompleted
2000Travel GrantUniversity of Missouri Graduate Professional Council OtherCompleted
1997Travel ScholarshipUniversity of Missouri Graduate Student Association OtherCompleted
toggle toggle Consulting Activities
 Performance Period (YYYY - YYYY or Present)*Company/OrganizationRoleFundingWork Performed
2009-presentCrow Canyon Archaeological CenterOther Consulting Zooarchaeologist
2004-2009Geo-Marine, Inc.Other Consulting Faunal Analyst
2006-2007UNT Center for Environmental ArchaeologyOther Consulting Faunal Analyst
0000Ek Balam, Yucatán, MexicoOther Faunal Analyst
toggle toggle Affiliations
Research Associate
Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
toggle toggle Teaching
Applied Geography

Applied Paleozoology in Conservation

Archaeological Field School

Archaeological Science

Archaeology of Texas

Archaeology of the American Southwest

Conservation Biology & Resource Management

Earth Science


Fundamentals of Archaeology

General Anthropology

Geography Research Seminar

Historical Archaeology

History & Methods of Archaeology

Intro. to Cultural Anthropology

Introduction to Museum Studies

Native Cultures of North America

New World Archaeology

North American Archaeology

Origins of Civilization

Peoples of the World

Quantitative Methods in Geography


toggle toggle Mentoring/Advising
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)Student NameClassificationTypeProject/Thesis/Dissertation
2013-presentAmy EddinsMS Applied Geog: Env ArchGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingApplied Paleozoology
2013-presentLaura EllysonMS Applied Geog: Env ArchGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingZooarchaeology
2013-presentTraci PopejoyMS Applied Geog: Env ArchGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingApplied Paleozoology
2013-presentJonathan DombroskyMS Applied Geog: Env ArchGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingZooarchaeology
2012-presentAmy HoffmanPhD Env SciGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingEcology
2012-presentEvan CarpenterMS Applied GeogGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingGeography
2011-presentChristy WinsteadMS Applied Geog: Env ArchGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingZooarchaeology
2010-presentLuke DriverPhD Env. Sci.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingFreshwater Ecology
2009-presentSusan HammerlyPhD BiologyGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingAvian Ecology
2007-presentPrem AdhikariPhD BiologyGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingProteomics
2011-2013Laura BrulePSM Env SciGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingEnvironmental Consulting
2010-2013Stephanie GallaMS BiologyGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingAvian Ecology
2010-2013Jonathan DombroskyAnthroUndergraduate Mentoring/AdvisingZooarchaeology
2009-2013Jessica ColvinMS Applied Geog: Env ArchGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingZooarchaeology/Geoarchaeology
2008-2013Brannon BarrMS Environmental ScienceGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingEcology of deer body size
2011-2012Marci MagawPSM Env SciGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingEnvironmental Consulting
2011-2012Katelyn KowalczykPSM Env SciGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingEnivironmental Consulting
2009-2011Jennifer PaulMS BiologyGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingInsect Ecology
2008-2011Charles RandklevPhD BiologyGraduate ResearchFreshwater mussel ecology
2008-2011Amy HoffmannMS Applied Geog: Env ArchGraduate ResearchAmerican Southwest Zooarchaeology
2008-2010Gopi NallaniPhD BiologyGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingEnv Chem
2007-2010Andrew BarkerMS Applied Geography - Environmental ArchaeologyGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingArchaeoproteomics
2008-2009Julie DensmoreMS Applied Geography - Environmental ArchaeologyGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingWhite-tailed deer skeletal biometry
toggle toggle Committees
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)CommitteePositionClassification
2013-presentPersonnel Affairs Committee- GeographyChair 
2013-presentPromotion & Tenure-GeographyMember 
2008-2014Society of Ethnobiology Excecutive BoardTreasurer 
2010-2013CAS Undergraduate Curriculum CommitteeMember 
2010-2013Environmental Science Graduate ProgramsCoordinator 
toggle toggle Memberships
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)OrganizationPositionClassification
2013-presentSociety for American ArchaeologyMemberAnnual
2009-presentSociety of EthnobiologyMemberLifetime
2008-presentSouthwestern Association of NaturalistsMemberLifetime
toggle toggle Honors and Recognitions
YearTitleHonoring Organization
2004 - 2007Academic Achievement ScholarshipUniversity of North Texas
2000Graduate Student Paper AwardDept. Anthropology, University of Missouri
2000Second Place, Behavioral Science Paper CompetitionRCAF, University of Missouri
1994-1995Graduate Student ScholarshipDept. Anthropology, University of Missouri
1994Honors College GraduateArizona State University
1993MemberGolden Key National Honor Society
1993Member (Junior Inductee)Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
1990-1994Tuition ScholarshipArizona Board of Regents
1990-1994Dean’s ListCollege of Liberal Arts and Science, Arizona State University
1990-1992Book ScholarshipNational Honor Society
1990MemberAlpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
toggle toggle Field Experience
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)Company/OrganizationPosition
2009-presentCrow Canyon Archaeological CenterZooarchaeologist
2005UNT Archaeological Field SchoolDirector
2002Next Step Education through Archaeology ProjectResearch Director
1997-2001Arnold Research Cave (23CY64), MO.Faunal Analyst
2001Missouri Department of TransportationCultural Resources Intern
2000Denver Museum of Nature and ScienceDenver Museum of Nature and Science
1998Crabtree Site (23CL164), MO.Faunal Analyst and Taphonomist
1995-1997Museum Support Center, University of MissouriStudent Assistant Professional
1997Crow Canyon Archaeological CenterField Intern
1994-1996Lawson Cave, MO (paleontological)Faunal Analyst and Taphonomist
1996United States Construction and Engineering Research LaboratoryField Assistant
1996Tony Glas Site (32EM3), ND [w/C. Darwent]Faunal Analyst
0000Ek Balam, Yucatán, MexicoFaunal Analyst
toggle toggle Professional Community Engagement
YearOrganizationRoleType of Service
2009 - presentEcological Society of AmericaMember 
2008 – presentThe Society of EthnobiologyTreasurer 
2007 - presentSouthwestern Association of NaturalistsLifetime Member 
2005-2006Building Citizens Committee, UNTMember 
2005Research Seminar Series, Department of Geography, UNTCo-organizer 
2005Research Seminar Series, Department of Geography, UNTOrganizer 
2003-2004NKU Museum of Anthropology Holiday Food Drive, NKU  
2003-2004Student Anthropology Association, NKUFaculty Co-coordinator 
2001-2002Undergraduate Anthropology Club, GVSUFaculty Co-coordinator 
1998-1999Minority Affairs Committee, University of MissouriMember 
1998-1999Graduate Professional Council, University of MissouriSecretary 
1998-1999Anthropology Students Association, University of MissouriPresident 
1997-1998Graduate Professional CouncilAt-Large Representative 
1997-1998Graduate Studies Committee, Department of Anthropology, U. MissouriMember 
1995 - presentSociety for American ArchaeologyMember 
toggle toggle Biographical Sketch
Steve Wolverton
Steve is an environmental scientist and archaeologist specializing in paleozoology of North America during the Holocene. He is assistant professor in environmental archaeology and conservation paleozoology at the University of North Texas, Department of Geography. His interests span ecology, paleoecology of North America, environmental archaeology, paleozoology, and conservation biology. His recent research focuses on white-tailed deer and black bear biology and the use of datasets from zooarchaeology and paleontology to address modern issues in conservation biology. In addition, Steve has interests in analytical chemistry and has on-going research in artifact residue analysis including fatty-acid and protein residues from pottery.

toggle toggle Additional Information
Field Courses (1991 through 1993)

                 1991 California Polytechnic State University Historical Archaeology Field School, Mission San Antonio de Padua, California.

Field Courses (1991 through 1993)

         1991 Arizona State University Field Methods Course: Tonto River Basin, Arizona.

Field Courses (1991 through 1993)
1993  Arizona State University Archaeological Field School: Quarai Pueblo, New Mexico.

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