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 Amy R. Murrell
 Contact Information
Amy R. Murrell
Associate Professor-Psychology
Contact address   University of North Texas, 1155 Union Circle # 311280, Denton, TX 76203     Office LocationTerrill Hall/ Psychology Hall, Room No.: 358 
Email  amurrell@unt.edu    Contact Number (940) 565-2967    Web Link Web Link   
Graduate Faculty Membership Status: Full Membership-Permanent   
toggle toggle  Professional Preparation
 Degree Major/Thesis/Dissertation Institution Year
Doctor of Philosophy Psychology, Clinical University of Mississippi 2005
Master of Arts Psychology, Clinical University of Mississippi 2002
Master of Science Psychology, General University of Memphis 1997
Bachelor of Arts Psychology University of Memphis 1995
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SemesterSubjectCourse NumberSectionCourse NameCalculated Semester Credit HoursSyllabus 
Spring 2014PSYC4620002Abnormal Child Psychology Download Syllabus
Spring 2014PSYC4620001Abnormal Child Psychology Download Syllabus
Fall 2013PSYC4620001Abnormal Child Psychology Download Syllabus
Fall 2012PSYC4620001Abnormal Child Psychology Download Syllabus
Spring 2012PSYC4620002Abnormal Child Psychology Download Syllabus
Spring 2010PSYC5100003Psychopathology of Childhood45Download Syllabus
Spring 2010PSYC4620002Abnormal Child Psychology279 
Fall 2011PSYC4620001Abnormal Child Psychology Download Syllabus
Fall 2010PSYC4620001Abnormal Child Psychology Download Syllabus
Fall 2009PSYC4620001Abnormal Child Psychology303 
toggle toggle  Research and Expertise
Functional Contextual Psychology
Relational Frame Theory and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy research as related to development and maintanence of child and parent psychopathology and treatment
toggle toggle Appointments
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)RankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
2011-PresentAssociate ProfessorPsychologyCASUNT
2011-2014Director of Undergraduate ProgramPsychologyCASUNT
2005-2011Assistant ProfessorPsychologyCASUniversity of North Texas Denton, TX
2004-2005Psychology Intern  University of Tennessee Memphis, TN
2004Education Coordinator  The Baddour Center Senatobia,MS
2003-2004Instructor  University of Mississippi
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  YearPublication  Type
Murrell, A.R., Al-Jabari, R., Moyer, D., Novamo, E., & Connally, M. (2014) An acceptance and commitment therapy approach to adolescent suicide. In-press in the International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
Murrell, A. R., Steinberg, D. S., Connally, M. L., Hulsey, T., & Hogan, E. (2014). Acting out to acting on: A preliminary investigation in youth with adhd and co-morbid disorders. Journal Of Child And Family Studies, doi:10.1007/s10826-014-0020-7
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
Murrell, A. R., Schmalz, J. E. , & Sinha, A. (2014). Religion and spirituality in acceptance- and mindfulness-based treatments. In A. Masuda (Ed.). Multicultural Approaches to Acceptance and Mindfulness. (pp. 166-180). Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.
Masuda, A.
New Harbinger
Book chapters
Herbert, G. L., Callahan, J., Ruggero, C. J., & Murrell, A. R. (2013). New analyses of the National Institute of Mental Health Treatment of Depression Collaborative Research Program: Do different treatments reflect different processes?. Psychotherapy Rese
Colleagues and Students
Taylor & Francis
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
Murrell, A.R., & Kapadia, V. Experiential avoidance and valuing in adolescents. Behavioral Development Bulletin, 11, 38-42.
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
toggle toggle Editorships
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)OrganizationPositionClassification
2013-PresentMilitary MedicineAd Hoc Reviewerna
2012-PresentEuropean Child and Adolescent PsychiatryAd Hoc Reviewer 
2012-PresentClinical Child Psychology and PsychiatryAd Hoc Reviewer 
2012-PresentJournal of Contextual Behavioral ScienceAd Hoc Reviewer 
2012-PresentJournal of Interpersonal ViolenceAd Hoc Reviewer 
2011-PresentMindfulnessAd Hoc Reviewer 
2010-PresentChild and Youth Care ReformAd Hoc Reviewer 
2008-PresentJournal of Child & Family Studies and Behavior AnalystGuest Reviewer 
2007-PresentOpen Family Studies JournalEditorial Board 
2009NIHChallenge Grant Reviewer 
2004Journal of Experimental Child PsychologyGuest Reviewer 
2002Behaviour Research and TherapyGuest Reviewer 
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Start DateEnd DatePresentation/Project
2012 2012 Abblett, M. A., Coyne, L. W., Hayes, L., Murrell, A. R., & Weil, T. M. Where we are today: Contextual behavioral science and applied behavior analysis with children adolescents, and families. Presentation given in panel at the World Conference on Contextual Behavioral Science, Washington, D.C.
2012 2012 Hernandez, N. C., Murrell, A. R., & Larson, C. I am what I care about…not what happened to me. In J. Daar (Chair), ACT after traumatic events. Symposium conducted at the World Conference on Contextual Behavioral Science, Washington, D.C.
2012 2012 Murrell, A. R. Discussant in D. Carnathan (Chair), It takes a village: Children in their social world. Symposium conducted at the World Conference on Contextual Behavioral Science, Washington, D.C.
toggle toggle External Funding
 Performance PeriodTitleSponsorFundingRoleStatus
2010Enhancing community treatment of trauma with ACT: The importance of centrality.Hogg Foundation$15,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
toggle toggle Intramural Funding
 Performance PeriodTitleSponsorFundingRoleStatus
2008Digital Streaming Video Recording and Data Storage EquipmentUNT Infrastructure Grant Awarded with Murrell$58,650Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2007Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Parents: A pilot studyUNT Faculty Research Grant (ROP) Awarded with Murrell$5,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2006Relational framing in action: Indirect learning and parent-child interactionUNT Research Grant (ROP) Awarded with Murrell$4,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2005Bringing research into the clinicUNT Summer Faculty Research Fellowship Awarded$5,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2005How parenting problems are learned: The role of relational framesUNT Faculty Research Grant (RIG) Awarded with Murrell$1,200Principal InvestigatorCompleted
toggle toggle Mentoring/Advising
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)Student NameClassificationTypeProject/Thesis/Dissertation
-PresentMelissa L. ConnallyMasters: University of North TexasThesis Title: Is Mindfulness Just Another Ego Depletion Exercise?
-PresentKristi A. MannonDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: Parental Style and Valuing
-PresentJonathan E. SchmalzDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: Development of a Flexible Measure of Religion and Spirituality
-PresentAditi SinhaDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: Betrayal Trauma and Self-Complexity
2013Nicole C. HernandezDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: Values and Valuing in the College Population
2012Sarah E PepperDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: The Role of Experiential Avoidance in Trauma, Substance Abuse, and Other Experiences
2012Mickey E. WhiteUndergraduate Thesis: University of North TexasThesis Title: Attitudes and internalized stigma in gay and lesbian college students
2012Rawya Al-JabariMasters: University of North TexasThesis Title: Relationships Among Self-Esteem, Psychological and Cognitive Flexibility, and Psychological Symptomatology
2011Jeffrey D. GeddesDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: Risk and resilience factors for children of deployed service members
2011Amanda C. AdcockDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: Evaluating process variables in acceptance and commitment therapy
2011Raquel HoerstingDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: The effects of priming, culture, and context on perception of facial emotion, self-representation and thought: Brazil and the United States
2011Christina LarsonDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: Symptom patterns in children exposed to domestic violence: The role of language in development of posttraumatic stress
2011Karen O'BrienDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: Evaluating the effectiveness of a parent training protocol based on an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy philosophy of parenting
2011Aditi SinhaMasters: University of North TexasThesis Title: Exploring the Impact of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion on Ethnic Identity Development
2011Jonathan E. SchmalzMasters: University of North TexasThesis Title: Clinical Diagnostics as Fundamental Attribution Error
2011Kristi A. MannonMasters: University of North TexasThesis Title: Predicting the Impact of Abuse: Is Experiential Avoidance a Mediator?
2010Cicely C. TaravellaDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: Is mattering what matters: A validation study of the meta-valuing measure of flexible valuing
2010Jessica Madrigal-BaugussDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: The Effect of a brief acceptance-based protocol on health related relational framing
2010Chelsea KubiakUndergraduate Thesis: University of North TexasThesis Title: Mindfulness, willingness & physical activity: Relationships and implications
2010Jackson RyeshiaUndergraduate Thesis: University of North TexasThesis Title: Valuing among college students who have experienced the death of a parent
2009Andrew ScherbarthDoctoral: University of North TexasThesis Title: Evaluation of skill maintenance, performance factors, and external validity in a behavioral parent training program
2009Phillip R. MitchellUndergraduate Thesis: University of North TexasThesis Title: Exploring self-compassion
2009Vaishnavi KapadiaUndergraduate Thesis: University of North TexasThesis Title: Experiential avoidance and valuing in at-risk adolescents
2008Jonathan E. SchmalzUndergraduate Thesis: University of North TexasThesis Title: Modeling verbal processes, experiential avoidance, and the development and maintenance of psychopathology
2008Karen O'BrienMasters: University of North TexasThesis Title: An exploration of the relationship between worry and other verbal phenomena
2008Christina LarsonMasters: University of North TexasThesis Title: Stories: A revision of the willingness & action measure for children and adolescents
2008Jeffrey D. GeddesMasters: University of North TexasThesis Title: Childhood learning: Examination of feelings and attitudes about school and learning ability
2007Laura S. Howe-MartinDoctoral: University of North TexasDissertation Title: Adolescent self-mutilating behaviors: Experiential avoidance coupled with imitation?
toggle toggle Committees
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)CommitteePositionClassification
2012-PresentUndergraduate CommitteeChair 
2008-PresentDept. of Psychology at UNTApplied Training Unit 
2005-PresentClinical Program Committee  
2005-PresentAssessment Committee  
2005-PresentScholarship CommitteeChair (06-07) 
2005-PresentMentoring Committee  
toggle toggle Memberships
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)OrganizationPositionClassification
2007-PresentPsychology Committee, Federation of North Texas UniversitiesChair 
2007-PresentElected Vice-Chair of the ABA Clinical SIGChair 
2005-PresentAssociation for Contextual Behavior Sciences  
2005-PresentTexas Association for Behavior Analysis  
2002-PresentAssociation for the Advancement of Behavior and Cognitive Therapies  
2002-PresentMindfulness and Acceptance Special Interest Group of ABCT  
2002-PresentChild Maltreatment and Family Violence Special Interest Group of ABCT  
2000-PresentClinical Special Interest Group of ABA  
2000-PresentAssociation for Behavior Analysis  
1997-PresentAmerican Psychological Association  
2007-2011ACT Trainers CommitteeCo-Chair 
toggle toggle Honors and Recognitions
YearTitleHonoring Organization
2011Most Student Oriented Faculty MemberGraduate Students in Psych
2010Faculty Mentoring AwardGraduate Student Council
2010-2011Shelton Teaching Nominations 
2009Piper Teaching Nomination 
2006Outstanding Clinical Faculty MemberClinical Psych Graduate Students
2005Outstanding Contributor to Education and ResearchThe Baddour Center
toggle toggle Field Experience
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)Company/OrganizationPosition
2010-2012UNT Phi Gamma DeltaFaculty Advisor
2010-2011UNT Eagle AmbassadorsFaculty Advisor
toggle toggle Professional Community Engagement
YearOrganizationRoleType of Service
2005-Conduct Therapy in UNT Psychology Clinic  
2003World Conference on ACTScience Committee Member 
2003Association for Behavior AnalysisAssistant to Program Director 
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