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 Guenter  Gross
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Guenter Gross
Professor-Biological Sciences
Contact address   University of North Texas/ Department of Biology, 1155 Union Circle # 305220, Denton, AL 76203     Office LocationScience Research Building, Room No.: 120A 
Email  gwgross@unt.edu    Contact Number (940) 565-3615    Contact Number: (940) 565-4228    Fax No: (940) 565-4136    Web-Link Web-Link   
Graduate Faculty Membership Status: Full Membership -Permanent   
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 Degree Major/Thesis/Dissertation Institution Year
Postdoctoral Training Experimental Neuropathology Section Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Munich, Germany 1974-1977
Doctor of Philosophy Neurophysiology and Biophysics Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida 1973
Bachelor of Science Engineering Physics Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J.; 1962
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SemesterSubjectCourse NumberSectionCourse NameCalculated Semester Credit HoursSyllabus 
Fall 2015BIOL3800001Animal Physiology  
Spring 2015BIOL3800001Animal Physiology Download Syllabus
Fall 2014BIOL3800001Animal Physiology Download Syllabus
Fall 2013BIOC5000732Practical Electrophysiology Download Syllabus
Fall 2013BIOC4900732Practical Electrophysiology Download Syllabus
Spring 2014BIOL3800001Animal Physiology Download Syllabus
Fall 2013BIOL3800001Animal Physiology Download Syllabus
Spring 2013BIOL3800001Animal Physiology Download Syllabus
Fall 2012BIOL3800001Animal Physiology Download Syllabus
Spring 2012BIOL3800001Animal Physiology Download Syllabus
Spring 2011BIOL3800001Animal Physiology Download Syllabus
Spring 2010BIOL3800001Animal Physiology345Download Syllabus
Fall 2011BIOL3800001Animal Physiology Download Syllabus
Fall 2010BIOL3800001Animal Physiology Download Syllabus
Fall 2009BIOL3800001Animal Physiology366Download Syllabus
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Applied Neuronal Network Dynamics to (a) Neurotoxicology & Pharmacology, (b) Drug Development, (c) Tissue-Based Biosensors, (d) Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Cell-Electrode Coupling and Cell Adhesion to Artificial Surfaces
Cellular and Network Neurophysiology
Development of Multinetwork Platforms for Rapid Parallel Assays
Internal Dynamics of Small Mammalian Nerve Cell Networks: pattern generation, recognition, and storage; fault tolerance
Modeling of Network Dynamics
Multichannel Recording and Life-Support Technology for Cell Culture
Network-network interactions
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Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)RankDepartment / SchoolCollege / OfficeUniversity / Company
1988-PresentProfessor of NeuroscienceDepartment of Biological SciencesCAS, SRB 120AUniversity of North Texas
1987-PresentDirector  University of North Texas Center for Network Neuroscience
1996-2014Regents ProfessorDept. of Biological SciencesCAS, SRB 120AUniversity of North Texas
1985-1988Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Biological Sciences North Texas State University, Denton, Texas
1981-1985Associate ProfessorDepartment of Biology Texas Women's University, Denton, Texas
1979-1981Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Biology Texas Women's University, Denton, Texas
1977Visiting Research ScientistPreclinical Research Division, Sandoz Ltd Basel, Switzerland
1976-1977Research AssociateExperimental Neuropathology Section Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Munich, Germany
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  YearPublication  Type
Botulinum Toxin Suppression of CNS Network Activity In Vitro.
Pancrazio JP, Keefer E, Gopal K, Gross GW
Journal of Toxicology , vol. 2014, Article ID 732913
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
Cytotoxicity of the antimalarial drug mefloquine and novel protection by quinolinic acid.
Holmes KE, Smith DC, Gross GW
Proceedings of the 9th International Meeting on Substrate Integrated Microelectrode Arrays
Conference paper
Cortical Networks Respond with Major Activity Changes to Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra)
Calderon NK , Ledee D, Gopal K, Gross GW
Proceedings of the 9th International Meeting on Substrate Integrated Microelectrode Arrays.
Conference paper
An MEA-Based Model for Rapid Acceleration Injury
Smith DC, Gross GW
Proceedings of the 9th International Meeting on Substrate Integrated Microelectrode Arrays
Conference paper
Pharmacodynamics of Potassium Channel Openers in Cultured Neuronal Networks
732: 68-75.
Wu C, Gopal K, Lukas TJ, Gross GW, Moore EJ
European Journal of Pharmacology
Refereed(Peer reviewed) Journals
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Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)OrganizationPositionClassification
2009-PresentFrontiers in NeuroengineeringAssociate Editor 
2001-2011"Neural Networks"Action EditorEditorial Activities
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2014"Computational neuroscience of Traumatic Brain Injury"Invited Seminar SpeakerTechnical University of Munich, Dept. of Medical Electronics
2014"Computational Neuroscience of Traumatic Brain InjuryInvited Seminar SpeakerUniversity of Rostock, Department of Biophysics
2014Cytotoxicity of the Antimalarial Drug Mefloquine and Novel Protection by Quinolinic Acid".Invited Seminar SpeakerNeuroProof, GmbH, Rostock, Germany
2014"Nerve cell networks on microelectrode arrays: quantification and medical application of network dynamics."Invited symposium speaker2014 IEEE Medical Device Symposium
2012Fundamentals of Brain Organization: The intangible nerve cell networkInvited SpeakerTexas Community College Teachers Association ( TCCTA ), Frisco TX
2012"Cancer Drug Screening with nerve cell networks on microelectrode arrays"Invited Seminar SpeakerUniversity of Rostock & Neuroproof Ltd, Germany
2010“High throughput microelectrode array platforms for quantitative pharmacology, toxicology, and drug development using spontaneously active neural tissue.”Invited lecture/ Keynote Address3rd IBEC Symposium on Bioengineering and Nanomedicine; Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain
20102-day Mini-Course in Array Recording from Nerve Cell NetworksInvited lecturerAleria Biodevices, Barcelons, Spain
2010“Spontaneously active nerve cell networks on microelectrode arrays: sensitive and reliable platforms for quantitative pharmacology, toxicology, and drug development”.invited lectureEnvironmental Protection Agency, Dallas; Region 6 (Drinking Water Section
2010“In vitro Bioelectronic Screening: Rapid Toxicity Assessments in an Era of Accelerated Chemical and Pharmacological Compound Production.”Invited SpeakerHeinz-Nixdorf-Symposium, Technical University of Munich, BMW Center
2010“Validation and Effective Application of in vitro Systems”invited speaker39th Neural Interfaces Conference, Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA.
2009“High throughput microelectrode array platforms for quantitative pharmacology, toxicology, and drug development”.Invited Lecture; Keynote AddressWorld Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Munich
2009“Neuro-Engineering: New Insights and Applicationsinvited lectureIEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems, Dallas Chapter
2008Establish and give the first lectures of a one-week course in “neuroengineering”-Contact: Dr. Enric Claverol-Tinturé - head of Neural Engineering Lab-Invited LecturesTechnical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain
2008a) 3 seminars and several informal lectures for the Nixdorf Division for Medical Electronics/ b) one 3-day mini-symposium on microelectrode array recording and applications; Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IMETUM), (c) Research on magnetic stimulatInvited LecturesTechnical University of Munich (TUM)
2008Max Bergmann Center for Biomaterials “Neuronal networks on microelectrode arrays: Recent Progress and Challenging Applications”Invited LectureTechnical University of Dresden, Germany
2008Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Dr. Tomasz Sobanski (host)Invited LectureWorkshop: Toxicology Protocol Standardization for Microelectrode Array Research-European Commission- DG Joint Research Centre, Ispra (VA) Italy
2008Nerve cell networks on microelectrode arrays: a window to the internal dynamics of neuronal ensembles and a new platform for rapid toxicity screening, pharmacological assays, and drug developmentInvited LectureSouthern Methodist University, Dallas, Department of Electrical Engineering
2008“The dynamics of neuronal ensembles: Theory and applications for engineers”.Invited LectureDepartment of Bioengineering, University of Texas at Arlington
2007“Nerve cell networks on microelectrode arrays: platforms for investigations of neuronal dynamics underlying information processing.”Invited LectureGrand Challenges in Neural Computation, Santa Fe, N.M./ Center for Nonlinear Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory
2006Neuronal networks on microelectrode arrays: nanoscaled biosensor, research, and assay platformsInvited LectureJSPS – UNT Joint Symposium on Nanoscale Materials for Optoelectronics and Biotechnology
2006Neuronal networks on microelectrode arrays: nanoscaled biosensor, research, and assay platformsInvited LectureDistinguished Speaker Series, UTA-NanoFab and IEEE-Electron Devices Society
2006"Brain Tissue on Chips: High throughput-Platforms für Neuropharmakologie und Neuroinformatik"Invited LectureMunich Symposia on Medical Electronics: “Microelectronics Meets Medicine”
2006High throughput microelectrode array platforms for quantitative pharmacology and toxicology.Invited Lecture5th International Conference on Microelectrode Array Recording (Reutlingen, Germany)
2006„Nerve cell networks on microelectrode arrays: A window to the internal dynamics of mammalian brain tissue.“Invited LectureBernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Munich, Germany
2006Quantification of BoNT-A Activity Suppression in Neuronal Networks Growing on Microelectrode Arrays in vitroInvited LectureICCVAM/NICEATM/ECVAM Scientific Workshop on Alternative Methods to Refine, Reduce, or Replace the Mouse LD50 Assay for Botulinum Toxin Testing" ;Silver Spring, Maryland.
2005“Neuronal Networks on Microelectrode Arrays: applications to toxicology screening and biosensors.“Invited LectureEnvironmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC
2005VDE Lecture Series (Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik, Informationstechnik) „Lab on a Chip: Nerve Cell Networks on Microelectrode Arrays in vitro.“Invited LectureTechnical University of Munich, Institute for Medical Electronics
2005High throughput assay and analysis platforms using neuronal networks cultured on microelectrode arraysInvited LectureIBRCC 2005: Interagency Botulism Research Coordinating Committee Meeting
2004"Neuronal networks on microelectrode arrays: applications to toxicology and biosensors"Invited LectureGerman Zoological Society, Rostock Meeting
2004“Neuronal Networks on Passive Microelectrode Arrays: Emerging Histiotypic Nature of Pharmacological Responses.”Invited LectureSimea 2004; 4th International Conference on Substrate-Integrated Microelectrodes
2004Guest Professor Lectures on network dynamics, applications, and methodsInvited LectureTechnical University of Munich, Germany
2004“Neuronal Networks on Microelectrode Arrays: Emerging Histiotypic Nature of Pharmacological Responses“Invited LectureUniversity of North Texas; Department of Biological Sciences Seminar, (UNT)
2004“Neuronal Networks on Microelectrode Arrays: Present Status and Future Potential.“Invited LectureUniversity of Texas at Dallas, Bionanotech Group
2003“Neuronal network assays for botulinum toxins and their antibodies.”Invited LectureJVAP: Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program, Fort Detrick, MD
2003Technical University of Munich, 3 classroom lectures and 1 seminarInvited Lecture 
2003“Neuronal networks on microelectrode arrays: applications to toxicology, drug development, biosensors, and basic neuroscience.”Invited LectureUniversity of Duesseldorf School of Medicine
2003Lecture 1. “Internal Network Dynamics: Mathematical and Theoretical Challenges.”/ Lecture 2. “Neuronal Network Biosensors”Invited LectureLos Alamos National Laboratory
2003“Neuronal Networks on Microelectrode Arrays: Applications to Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Biosensors.”Invited LectureBrookhaven Biological Science Symposium
2002"Recent Progress in Neuronal Network Biosensors at UNT"Invited LectureDARPA, Tissue-Based Biosensors Program Principal Investigators Meeting, Miami Beach
2002Panel member in Cell Based Sensing workshopInvited LectureNIH, Bethesda MD; BECON Conference (Bioengineering Consortium)
2002Plenary Lecture: “Spontaneously active neuronal networks on microelectrode arrays: applications to toxicology, drug development, and biosensors.”Invited LectureInternational Conference and Exhibition: Biosystems, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Rostock, Germany
2002”Technical challenges of multichannel recording from networks in vitro.”Invited LectureTechnical University of Munich (Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wolf, host.)
2002"Performance of Neuronal Networks on Microelectrode Arrays as Tissue Based Biosensors".Invited LectureSociety for Neuroscience Satellite Symposium, Olando, Fla., Developments in Multichannel Recording VI. Sponsor: University of Michigan Center for Neural Communication Technology David J. Anderson, Organizer
2001Neuronal network biosensors: detection, classification, identificationInvited LectureDARPA Tissue-Based Biosensors and Advanced Diagnostics Principal Investigator Conference
2001Special DARPA/CDC seminar series: Matured DARPA technologies in the Tissue-Based Biosensor Program "Neuronal Network Biosensors".Invited LectureCenter for Disease Control (Atlanta)
2001"Long-term functional contact between nerve cell networks and microelectrode arrays allows applications to toxicology, drug development, and biosensors.Invited LectureCell-Surface Coupling/ An international workshop sponsored by the Max Planck Society Schloss Ringberg, Tegernsee, Germany
2001"Neuronal Network Biosensors".Invited LectureUSAMRIID Meeting, Fort Detrick, MD
2000Controlled Biological and Biomimetic Systems and Tissue-Based BiosensorsInvited LectureDARPA, Joint Two-Program Meeting
2000"Origins of activity patterns in self-organizing networks cultured on microelectrode arrays."Invited LectureKrasnow Institute, George Mason University/ Nonlinear Synchronization in Neuroscience, NIH-Sponsored Workshop
2000Four invited lectures on nerve cell network physiology and application (scheduled classes).Invited LectureInstitute for Zoology, Rostock University (Germany)
2000Keynote Address: Neuronal networks growing on substrate-integrated microelectrode arrays. New applications to drug development, neurotoxicology, and biosensors.Invited LectureUniversity of Tübingen, NMI /2nd International Workshop on Substrate-Integrated Microelectrode Arrays
2000Plenary Address: "Neuronal Network Biosensors in Defense and Medicine"Invited LectureSecond International Meeting on Biomedicine and Medical Technology, Rostock, Germany
1999"Nerve cell networks growing on microelectrode arrays in culture: Self-organization and electrophysiological dynamics."Invited LectureGordon Research Conference on Electrochemistry, Ventura, CA
1999"Neuronal networks in vitro: platforms for biosensor functions, and screening of drugs "Invited LectureGerman Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting, Rostock
1999"Nerve cell networks growing on microelectrode arrays in culture: Self-organization"Invited LectureTechnical University Dresden, Germany, Institut für Werkstoffwissenschaft
1999"Neuronal network responses to neuroactive agents: response reliability, confidence limits"Invited LectureDARPA Workshop No 2 on Tissue-Based Biosensors, New Bern, N.C.
1999"Neuronal network dynamics in vitro in vitro : Application to Neurotoxicology, Drug Development, and Tissue-Based Biosensors."Invited LectureBiomedical Engineering and Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston
1999"Long-term coupling of monolayer neuronal networks to multielectrode arrays in culture"Invited LectureNIMH/USC-AMI WORKSHOP, Washington, D.C: Replacement Parts for the Brain: Intracranial Implantation of Hardware Models of Neural Circuitry
1999"Tissue-Based Biosensors: Rapid Alert Systems for Unknown Toxic Agents."Invited LectureDepartment of Chemistry, University of North Texas
1999"Neuronal networks growing on substrate-integrated microelectrode arrays: Applications to drug development, toxicology, and biosensors."Invited LectureDepartment of Pharmacology, University of North Texas Health Science Center
1998"Rapid screening for neurotoxicity with neuronal networks on microelectrode arrays."Invited lecturerAnalytica '98, Munich, Germany, Medical Technology
1998"Neuronal networks growing on microelectrode arrays: Applications to neurotoxicology, drug development, and biosensorsInvited lecturer1998 Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS) Conference, Ft. Worth
1998"Nerve cell networks in culture: Simplified histiotypic representations of the parent tissue."Invited lecturerDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Texas at Arlington
1998"Emergent properties of self-organizing nerve cell ensembles in culture"Invited Lecturer4th International Conference on Intelligent Materials, Tokyo, Japan
1997Applications of network dynamics to neurotoxicology, drug development, and biosensorsInvited lecturerPurdue University, School of Veterinary Medicine
1997Neuronal network dynamics in cell culture: Applications to neurotoxicology, drug development, and biosensorsInvited lecturerHumboldt University, Berlin, Germany
1997Emergent Dynamic Properties of Biological Neuronal EnsemblesInvited lecturerFirst International Conference on Computing Anticipatory Systems Liege, Belgium
1997"Neuronal networks on multielectrode chips: self-organization of electrically active networks and applications to neurotoxicology and neuropharmacology."Invited lecturerDreiländertagung für Elektronenmikroskopie, Regensburg, Germany
1997(NIH-sponsored satellite symposium to the annual Neuroscience Meeting, New Orleans) "Multielectrode arrays in cell culture: Platforms for the study of network dynamics and self-organization"Invited lecturerCNTC Symposium: New Developments in Multichannel Recording and Stimulation
1997"Application of neuronal network dynamics to biosensors"Invited lecturerDARPA Workshop on Cell and Tissue Biosensors, Washington D.C.
1996"Brain Democracy in Action: Pattern generation in mammalian nerve cell groups"Invited LecturerPurdue University, School of Veterinary Medicine, Center for Paralysis Research
1996(a) Teaching: neuronal networks: theory and practice, (b) Consultant: construction of cell culture and photolithography facilities, (c) Research Planning: Complex cellular biosensorsInvited lecturerUniversity of Rostock, Germany, Department of Zoology
1996(a) Wilhelm Schickard Institut für Informatik, Department of Computer Engineering "Self-assembly of spontaneously active networks in vitro" , (b) Institut für Physikalische and Theoretische Chemie "Pharmacological responses of networks in vitroInvited lecturerUniversity of Tübingen, Germany
1996"Rapid, high volume neurotoxicity prescreening of chemicals with neuronal networks in vitro."Invited lecturerBASF GmbH, Ludwigshaven, Germany
1996Bart Memorial Research Fellow of the University of Nottingham "Applications of neuronal network dynamics"Invited LecturerUniversity of Nottingham, England, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
1996"Eves-dropping on neuronal networks with photoetched microelectrode arrays"Invited Lecturer190th Meeting of the American Electrochemical Society Opening Plenary Lecture
1995"Biosensor properties of neuronal network dynamics"Invited lecturer13th Annual Houston Conference on Biomedical Engineering Research
1995"Neuroelectronics"Invited lecturerGerman Ministry for Science and Technology; Special Status Reports on "Bioelectronics" VDI-Technology Center, Berlin
1995"Long-term stability of morphological characteristics, cell electrode coupling, spontaneous burst 4 pattern generation, and pharmacological responses in murine monolayer networks in cultureInvited lecturerGordon Conference on Biocompatibility and Stabilization of Cell Phenotype, Holderness, NH
1995Participation in a defense of a major new research program in "Complex Cellular Biosensors" before the German Research Council (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft; DFG)Invited LecturerRostock University, Germany
1995"Long-term maintenance of neuronal networks on multielectrode arrays in culture: problems of cell-surface interactions."Invited LecturerClemson University, S.C., Department of Bioengineering
1995"Screening for neuroactive and neurotoxic compounds with cultured, spontaneously active neuronal Networks."Invited LecturerGlaxo-Wellcome, London, UK
1994"Internal Network Dynamics"Invited LectureCenter for Biological Timing, University of Virginia
1994"Spontaneous and Evoked Oscillatory Bursting States in Cultured Networks"Invited LecturerConference on Oscillations in Neural Systems, University of Texas at Arlington
1994"Multiunit Investigations of Internal Network Dynamics in Mammalian CNS Monolayer Cultures with Applications to Neuropathology and Neurotoxicology"Invited LecturerDepartment of Physiology, Ohio State University Medical School
1994Neuronal networks on multielectrode arrays: utilization of changes in spontaneous network dynamics to express genetically-engineered supersensitivities to specific chemical compoundsInvited Lecturer1994 World Congress on Biosensors, New Orleans
1994"Biological Systems for Technology"Invited lecturerDaimler Benz Corporate Workshop
1994"Internal network dynamics"Invited lecturerDepartment of Zoology, University of Rostock, Germany
1994"Biosensor properties of neuronal networks in culture"Invited lecturer1994 Annual Fall Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society, Arizona State University
1993"New Approaches to the Study of Internal Network Dynamics"Invited LectureNeurotronics Workshop; Fraunhofer Institute, Saarbrücken, Germany
1992Plenary Lecture: " Dynamics of burst patterns generated by monolayer networks in culture" Chaired two sessions:Feb 29th AM: Biotechnical Connection March 1, AM: Biotechnical Interfacing in Sensorimotor ControlInvited LecturerInternational Workshop on Neurobionics, Goslar, Germany
1992March 20, AM: "Technical developments in multichannel recording" March 20, PM: "Pattern generation in cultured monolayer neuronal networks"Invited LecturerTenth Annual Houston Conference on Biomedical Engineering Research
1992"Spontaneous and evoked burst pattern dynamics generated by monolayer networks in culture."Invited LecturerControlled Growth and Communication in Cultured Mammalian Neurons; Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.
1992"Information processing: from networks to brain systems"Invited LectureElectrochemical Society, North Texas Local Section, Dallas
1991Neuronal network dynamics: studies of pattern generation, pattern storage and fault tolerance in small nerve cell networksInvited LecturerIBM, Charlotte, N.C.
1991"Neuronal networks for biochemical sensing"Invited LecturerEurosensors V Conference, Rome, Opening Plenary Lecture
1990"Experimental analyses of internal network dynamics."Invited lecturerInstitute for Medical Psychology, Univ. of Munich
1990"Experimental analyses of internal network dynamics."Invited LecturerGBF - Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung, Braunschweig, Germany
1990"Experimental analyses of internal network dynamics."Invited LecturerInstitute for Neurobiology and Brain Research, GDR Academy of Sciences, Magdeburg, Germany
1990"Internal network dynamics: the struggle for pattern generation in ensembles of nerve cells"Invited LecturerUniversity of Illinois, Department of Physiology and Biophysics and Beckman Research Center
1990"Internal network dynamics: pattern generation and storage within assemblies of neurons in culture"Invited LecturerOregon Health Sciences University, Portland; Department of Neurosurgery
1989"Simultaneous recording from multielectrode arrays."Invited lecturerBritish Society for Experimental Biology, Edinburgh Meeting Bioelectronics and Biosensors Session
1989"Investigation of neuronal network dynamics in cell culture."Invited lecturerTechnical University of Munich, Garching, Germany
1988"Significance of Network Research on Mammalian Central Nervous System Preparations to Neural Modeling"Invited LecturerMIT- Lincoln Laboratories (Special DARPA Meeting on Neural Network Research)
1988"Network Feature Extraction via Multielectrode Burst Pattern Analysis in Cell Culture"Invited LecturerDepartment of Physiology, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C.
1988"Network Feature Extraction via Multielectrode Burst Pattern Analysis in Cell Culture"Invited LecturerInternational Neural Network Society
1987"Pattern Generation in Neuronal Monolayer Networks"Invited lecturerDepartment of Psychology, Michigan State University
1987"Network Analysis in Culture: Pattern Generation in Olfactory and Spinal Tissues"Invited lecturerLloyd M. Beidler Symposium on Taste and Olfaction, Florida State U., Tallahassee
1987"New Approaches to the Correlation of Network Structure and Function"Invited lecturerNeural Modeling Minisymposium at UTA, Arlington TX
1987"Multielectrode Investigations of Neural Network Properties in Cell Culture"Invited lecturerDepartment of Electrical Engineering, SMU, Dallas, TX
1987Invited to organize and chair the "Neural Networks Session" November 13, 1987 Denton Sigma-Xi "CNS Network Feature Extraction via Burst Pattern Analysis"Invited lecturerSixth Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference, Dallas TX
1986"Reaction of neurons to dendrite amputation trauma within 400 µm of the soma."Invited lectureOhio State University School of Medicine, Spinal Cord Trauma Center
1986"Network properties of neural monolayer cultures on photoetched, multimicroelectrode plates."Invited lectureIBM, Watson Research Laboratory, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.
1986"Analysis of cultured networks with fixed matrix multielectrode patterns and laser cell surgery."Invited lectureAcoustic, Speech and Signal Processing Society, IEEE Special Interest Group Dallas Chapt.
1986"Analysis of Neuronal Networks in Culture with Transparent, Thin Film, Indium-Tin Oxide Multielectrode Patterns."Invited lectureConference: Synthetic Microstructures in Biological Research; sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, IEEE, Nat. Inst. of Mental Health
1986"Multielectrode Analysis of Network Properties in Neuronal Cell Culture"Invited lectureBDM Corporation, Arlie, Virginia
1986"Multielectrode Analysis of Network Properties in Neuronal Cell Culture"Invited lectureDepartment of Physiology, Medical College of South Carolina
1986"Multielectrode Analysis of Network Properties in Neuronal Cell Culture"Invited lecturerDepartment of Zoology, Iowa State University, Ames
1986"Multielectrode Analysis of Network Properties in Neuronal Cell Culture"Invited lecturerAT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill, N.J.
1986"Network Analysis in Neuronal Monolayer Cultures"Invited lecturerDepartment of Biochemistry, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, Fort Worth
toggle toggle Patents
Year of AwardTitle of PatentDescription
2006UNT D-0010PRO (122302.00044)Patent: Multinetwork nerve cell assay platform with parallel recording capability
2004Patent # 02735058.6-2404-DE0201609University of Rostock School of Medicine (Dr. Jan Loock et al)
2003Naval Research Laboratory Application; agency docket number: 83,632; serial number: 10/413,654Assay for botulinum vaccine efficacy using cultured neuronal networks
2002US Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 60/351,412Neuro-biosensor minimodule device, G.W. Gross, E.E. Dian, A. Curran, and E.K. Gross
2002US Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 60/392,658Multinetwork, multiwell, nerve cell assay device and methods of use, G.W. Gross
1979Microscope slide with electrode arrangements for cell study and method for its construction G.W. Gross, A. Meyer, E. Remy, E. RieskeNote: Non-exclusive rights to patent purchased by Panasonic (Matsushita Electric, Japan) in November of 1996
1977Optische Blende und damit ausgerüstete Laseroptische Einrichtung E. Remy & G.W. GrossOptische Blende und damit ausgerüstete Laseroptische Einrichtung E. Remy & G.W. Gross
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Start DateEnd DatePresentation/Project
  Plexon Inc., Dallas, TX. Development and testing of data acquisition and processing hardware and software. Development of 8-network high throughput recording/assay platforms.
  Los Alamos National Laboratory, N. M., Dr. Luis Bettencourt, Computer & Computational Sciences Division, CCS-3/Modeling, Algorithms & Informatics. Internal network dynamics, origins of spontaneous activity, network self-organization, methods for pattern quantification .
  Technical University of Munich, Germany; Professor Dr. Bernhard Wolf. Integrated pH, osmolarity, and impedance sensors for networks in culture; magnetic stimulation of neurons in culture with emphasis on subthreshold effects.
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 Performance PeriodTitleSponsorFundingRoleStatus
2009-2012“Neurophotonics Research Center: a focused collaboration developing a complete neurophotonic interface”DARPA (with SMU -lead, UTD, Vanderbilt, and Case Western Reserve U.)320,000Completed
2008-2010Texas Advanced Research Program: “Antibody-conjugated carbon nanotubes for selective photothermal ablation of human tumors”.Rockford Draper/ Southwestern: EllenVitetta/ UNT: Guenter W. Gross$150,000Co-PICompleted
2005-2007Los Alamos National LaboratoryLuis Bettencourt$167,352Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2004-2006Texas Advanced Technology Program /TDTRapid, parallel pharmacological screening using multiple neuronal networks on microelectrode arrays$400,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2003JVAP (Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program), Fort Detrick, MD $140,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2001-2003DARPA: Activities Detection Technologies Program $710,915Principal InvestigatorCompleted
2001-2003NIH, National Center for Complementary and Alternative MedicineKent Chapman$350,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1999-2002DARPA Tissue Based Biosensor Program $832,465Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1997-1999Hogan-Boyd Trust for Mental RetardationHILLCREST FOUNDATION$120,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1997-1998Institutional Research GrantUniversity of North Texas$3,500Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1994-1998NIH-NINDSFederal Grants$867,000Co-PICompleted
1994-1996NFS subcontract through SMUFederal Grants$61,185Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1994COMMUNITIES FOUNDATION: support for liposome projectFoundation Support$10,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1993-1994HILLCREST FOUNDATION: support for CNNS technical staffFoundation Support$50,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1992-1994Texas Advanced Technology Program "A marketable flow chamber for long-term recording, and optical monitoringTexas Advanced Technology Program$245,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1991-1994NIH-NINDSFederal Grants$377,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1992-1993HILLCREST FOUNDATION: support for CNNS technical staffFoundation Support$50,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1991-1993ONRFederal Grants$220,000Co-PICompleted
1990-1992Texas Advanced Research Program:"Internal dynamics self-organization, and fault tolerance of small nerve cell networks".Texas Advanced Research Program$391,355Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1990-1992Texas Advanced Technology Program "Applied Neuroelectronics".Texas Advanced Technology Program$200,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1989-1992HILLCREST FOUNDATION: " Network Pathology: Application of new electrophysiological and laser cell surgery technologies to investigations of brain dysfunction"Foundation Support$519,326Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1990Charles Bowen Endowment for Neuroscience ResearchFoundation Support$100,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1987-1990NIH-NINCDSFederal Grants$252,213Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1989Texas Instruments Grant "Burst pattern recognition and classification with neural networks”Industrial Support$14,452Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1988-1989COMMUNITIES FOUNDATION OF TEXAS: "Neuroelectronics";Foundation Support$220,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1987-1988Institutional Research GrantNorth Texas State University$3,500Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1987-1988NTSU Decker Scholar AwardNorth Texas State University$14,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1987-1988COMMUNITIES FOUNDATION OF TEXAS: W.W. Caruth Grant in "Neuroelectronics"; a joint NTSU/SMU effortFoundation Support$200,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1986-1987Texas Advanced Technology Research Grant $550,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1986-1987COMMUNITIES FOUNDATION OF TEXAS: NTSU symposia: "Networks in Brain and Computer Architecture".Foundation Support$13,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1984-1987NIH-NINCDSFederal Grants$205,773Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1978-1985Institutional Research GrantsTexas Woman's University$60,210Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1982-1984NIH-NINCDSFederal Grants$139,061Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1982Sandoz A.G., Basel, donation of UV laser microbeam systemIndustrial Support$55,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1979-1982NIH-NINCDSFederal Grants$105,513Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1978-1982Sandoz A.G., Basel, SwitzerlandIndustrial Support$15,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
1980NIH- Fogarty International CenterFederal Grants$3,000Principal InvestigatorCompleted
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Graduate Courses: Lasers in Cell Biology, Biophysics of Excitable Membranes, Photobiology, Electrophysiology, Neurobiology, Theoretical Neuroscience, Cellular Neuroscience, Systems Neuroscience.

Other: Instructor pilot: 4410th Combat Crew Training Squadron, Hurlburt Fld, Fla.

Undergraduate Courses: Neurophysiology and Anatomy, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Physiology, Freshman Biology. Primary Course at UNT: Biol 3800, Animal Physiology

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Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)Student NameClassificationTypeProject/Thesis/Dissertation
2011-2014Meera SawantM.S.Graduate ResearchEffect of antibiotics on network activity and their
2013Matthias NissenGerman PhD student, University of Rostock, visting scholarGraduate Researchlaser stimulation of neurons
2008-2013Calvin WuPhDGraduate ResearchIn Vitro Cortical Networks for Disease Modeling and Drug Evaluation
2009Veronica WebbM.S.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingCryopreservation for adherent nerve cell networks in vitro
2006-2008Michael HamPh.DGraduate ResearchOrigin of Spontaneous Activity in neve Cell Networks in vitro
2007Florian MatlPh.D; Tech. Univ. of Munich, GermanyGraduate Mentoring/Advising40% PhD dissertation research completed at UNT (Neurotoxicity of novel antibiotics
2005-2007Cara Santa MariaM.S.Graduate ResearchDevelopment of Midbrain Primary Culture on Microelectrode Arrays
2004-2007Maryam ParvizPh.DGraduate ResearchQuantification of the Neurotoxicity of ZincToxicologist with Alcon Inc., Fort Worth, TX
2006Michelle Karg, Tech Univ. MunichM.S. Tech. Univ. of Munich, GermanyGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingEngineering student; research on biosensors and robotic culture life support
2005Sabnam Rijal-OliM.S.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingDetermination of Dissociation Constants using Neuronal Networks on Microelectrode Arrays
2005Jacob SchwartzM.S.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingNetwork Electrical Activity Waveshape Analysis
2005Jochen Meyer, MS-Tech. Univ. MunichM.S. Tech Univ. of Munich, GermanyGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingMagnetic stimulation and inhibition of activity in neuronal networks in vitro. 80% of data for MS obtained at UNT
2004Emese DianPh.DGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingMedical Science Liaison, UCB Pharma Inc., Dallas
2004Benjamin MillerM.S.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingPhD training, Program for Neural Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Awarded College of Arts and Sciences Neural Science Fellowship
2003Ulla RoschierPh.D University of Nottingham, UKGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingInvestigation of GAP junction influences on network dynamics
2002Yun XiaM.S.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingSenior Research Associate, Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc, DuPont, Ames Iowa
2001Christopher SparksPh.DGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingPostdoctoral appointment with Dr. McMahon, Dept. of Physiology, University of Kentucky
2001Edward W. Keefer, IIIPh.DGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingPostdoctoral appointment with Nobel Laureate Dr. Gerald Edelman, The Neuroscience Institute, La Jolla,CA.Senior Research Fellow , UTSWMC, Dallas
2000Alexandra GramowskiPh.DGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingPostdoctoral appointment with the University of Rostock Medical School, Rostock, Germany Presently: Research Scientist, Rostock Medical School
2000Bret ZimM.S.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingAborted PhD training with the CNNS, UNT
1998Samantha MorefieldM.S.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingPhD training in neurobiology, UC Irvine
1998Edward W. Keefer, IIIM.S.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingPhD training with the CNNS, UNT
1995Lisa SchaferPh.DGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingPostdoctoral position, OSU Med. School Res. Asst. Prof. Georgetown Univ., Dept. of Cell Biology
1992Amy WolfM.S.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingPhD Program, Texas Woman’s University; graduated 1996
1992Rusty JordanM.S.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingComputer Sciences Corporation Technology Management Group, Fort Worth, Texas
1991Guofong WangM.S.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingPhD Program, Ohio State University (Dept. of Physiology) Genetic Screening Service, Denton, TX
1990Riyi ShiM.S.Graduate Mentoring/AdvisingMD/PhD training completed, Purdue University Senior Res. Scientist, Center for Paralysis Research Dept. of Basic Medical Sciences School of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue Univ., IN
1990Richard DeLa GarzaM.SGraduate Mentoring/AdvisingPh.D. University of Texas Medical School at Galveston; Postdoctoral Fellow: Harvard University (New England Regional Primate Res. Center)
toggle toggle Committees
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)CommitteePositionClassification
2006-PresentDepartment of Biological Sciences Personal Affairs CommitteeMemberDepartmental Committee
2006-2010Department of Biological Sciences Promotion and Tenure CommitteeMemberDepartmental Committee
2008-2009UNT Clean-Room Facilities CommitteeMemberUniversity Committee
2006-2008Biology Search Committee for Evolutionary BiologistMemberDepartmental Committee
2006-2007College of Engineering “Bioengineering Steering Committee”MemberCollege of Arts and Sciences Committee
2006Organizing CommitteeMemberSIMEA 2006; 5th International Conference on Substrate-Integrated Microelectrodes Reutlingen, Germany
2005-2006Search Committee for Science Education CommitteeMemberDepartmental Committee
2005Graduate Curriculum CommitteeMemberDepartmental Committee
2005Departmental Executive CommitteeMemberDepartmental Committee
2004Organizing CommitteeMember/ ChairSIMEA 2004, 4th International Conference on Substrate-Integrated Microelectrodes Reutlingen, Germany
2004Department of Biological Sciences Executive CommitteeMemberDepartmental Committee
2003Organizing Committee for SIMEAChair"Third International Conference on Substrate Integrated Microelectrode Arrays"
1998-2003SRB Building RepresentativeMemberCollege of Arts and Sciences Committee
1997-2003Department of Biological Sciences Personal Affairs CommitteeMemberDepartmental Committee
1994-2002UNT Human Subjects Review CommitteeMemberUniversity Committee
2001Dept. Search Committee (for physiology)ChairDepartmental Committee
2001Departmental Search Committee (genetics)MemberDepartmental Committee
2001Department of Biological Sciences Executive CommitteeMemberDepartmental Committee
1994-2001Space Review Committee (member)MemberCollege of Arts and Sciences Committee
1988-2001Department of Biological Sciences Promotion and Tenure CommitteeMemberDepartmental Committee
1998Departmental Search CommitteeEnvironmental scienceDepartmental Committee
1994-1998Space Review CommitteeChairCollege of Arts and Sciences Comittee
1996Department of Biological Sciences Executive CommitteeMemberDepartmental Committee
1994Future of Science CommitteeMemberCollege of Arts and Science Committee
1994Departmental Search CommitteeMicrobiology positionDepartmental Committee
1991-1993C.A.S. Personal Affairs CommitteeMemberCollege of Arts and Sciences Comittee
1992Departmental Search CommitteeNeurobiology positionDepartmental Committee
1990Department of Biological Sciences Executive CommitteeMemberDepartmental Committee
1988-1990UNT Faculty Load CommitteeMemberUniversity Committee
1986-1987Neuroscience Study Program Federation of North Texas Area UniversitiesChairUniversity Committee
1985-1987Biochemistry, and E. VanStryland-PhysicsSRB building representativeCollege of Arts and Sciences Comittee
1986Academic Affairs CommitteeMemberUniversity Committee
1986Materials Characterization Feasbility CommitteeChairUniversity Committee
toggle toggle Memberships
Duration (YYYY - YYYY or Present)OrganizationPositionClassification
1989-1993Editoral Board "Neurotrauma"MemberEditorial Activities
 American Society for NeuroscienceMember 
 International Neural Network SocietyMember 
 International Functional Electrical Stimulation SocietyMember 
toggle toggle Honors and Recognitions
YearTitleHonoring Organization
2010Mini-Course in Array Recording from Nerve Cell NetworksTechnical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain
2003-2008Guest ProfessorTechnical University of Munich
1997-UNT Regents ProfessorUniversity of North Texas
1996Bart Memorial Research Fellow AwardUniversity of Nottingham
1996-2002Guest ProfessorUniversity of Rostock, Germany
1988Decker ScholarUniversity of North Texas
toggle toggle Professional Community Engagement
YearOrganizationRoleType of Service
1995OMNI MagazineMedia ExposureNetworking the Brain: Tomorrow's computers in a lab dish today. (article by Bennett Daviss)
1991German television network ZDFMedia ExposureMaterial sent to German television network ZDF for possible inclusion into prime time program on neuroscience research in the '90s. Excerpts of our laboratory research were shown on February 26, 1992 in prime time nationwide by the ZDF Television Network
1989Eastman Kodak Catalog P-2Media ExposureEastman Kodak Catalog P-2 : "Photography through the Microscope"; edited by John Gustav Deloy; picture inside front cover, with caption
1989GEO Magazine, Hamburg, GermanyMedia ExposureGEO Magazine, Hamburg, Germany; repeat of Scientific American photo
1989French Scientific MagazineMedia ExposureFrench Scientific Magazine: "Microsystems"; repeat of Scientific American photo and 1/2 page article
1988World Book Inc.Media ExposureWorld Book Inc.: "Science Year"; picture of multielectrode plate with monolayer culture & caption
1988"Cellular and Molecular Correlates of Central Nervous System Trauma"ChairOrganizing committee for the first international symposium
1987Scientific AmericanMedia ExposureScientific American: article, pg 62
1987Channel 5 news TV coverageMedia ExposureChannel 5 news TV coverage
1987Cable News Network TVMedia ExposureCable News Network TV coverage (international coverage)
1987Denton Cable TVMedia ExposureDenton cable TV interview
1987TWU CableMedia ExposureTWU cable TV interview
1987"Networks in Brain and Computer Architecture"ChairmanOrganizing Committee for the Third Annual Symposium
1986"Networks in Brain and Computer Architecture"ChairOrganizing Committee for the Second Annual Symposium
1985AVEC/VIM Workshop at the Texas Woman's UniversityOrganizerTwo Day workshop on the Allen Video Enhanced Contrast microscopy and on Video Intensified Microscopy with equipment demo and utilization
1985"Networks in Brain and Computer Architecture"OrganizerA two day metting of scientist from local industry and universities with speakers recruited from UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Berkeley, NIH and NIA
1980-1981First International Workshop on Axoplasmic Transport CommitteeMemberOrganizing Committee for the First International Wrkshop on Axosplasmic Transport held in Bavaria, Germany
toggle toggle Biographical Sketch
Professor Guenter W. Gross
Professor Guenter W. Gross

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